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Database Export V1.4

Database Export


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测试了的Prestashop版本: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

The possibilities are unlimited: Create targeted email lists based on past purchases. Segment customers by location, age, gender or another demographics. Export your shop's order history for analysis. Download product data to provide to your partners or advertisers.


In other words, export any data available in any Prestashop database table for use in any number of valuable ways!


Back End Demo: http://demo.presto-changeo(dot)com/databaseexport/a (replace "(dot)" with a ".")


Password: 12demo34


Export your Prestashop data into a CSV file.

Customers Export (Great for Email Marketing) - Generate an email list for all customers who:

* Bought a certain Product/s and may be interested in accessories.
* Spent over a given Amount (or range) within a certain Date Range  and offer special rewards.
* Have a Birthday this month.
* Live in a certain Country / City / Zip code.
* Members of a Customer Group.

Products Export (Great for Statistics, Inventory and Charts) - Allows you to export your product list, filtered by:

* Product Name.
* Product ID.
* Product URL.
* Product Images (URLs)
* Manufacturer / Supplier.
* Price / Reduction.
* Quantity left in stock.
* Category name and more.

Orders Export (Great for Accounting) - Generate a list of all the orders by any of the following filters (or a combination of them):

* Order ID Range.
* Customer name / Email.
* Total amount spent (range).
* Payment method used for checkout.
* Current order status.
* Date of the order (range).
* Number of items in the order (range).
* Customer Shipping or Billing Address.
* Shipping cost.
* Taxes / Vouchers

Other Tables - Allows you to export any other Prestashop database tables, linking them to the _lang table when available.

Custum Export - Allows you to enter your own customer SQL query.


V1.0.1 (01/27/11)
Bug fix that was affecting some servers when saving the configuration settings.


V1.1 (03/16/11)

Address export for orders.
Custom SQL query option.
Support for PS 1.4.


V1.1.2 (05/24/11)
Fix for export of fields with a similar name (from different tables).
Fix for customer and order import when the first ID checkbox was not ticked.


V1.1.3 (06/13/11)
Added quantity of products per order in the order export.


V1.2 (02/20/12) 
Added to Customer export: phone, state, address alias, address additional information.
Added to Product export:  language, product URL, images (URLs).
Added to Order export:  phone, alias, total products, total real paid, total shipping, total taxes, total discounts, voucher name, product quantity.
Automatic Upgrade Notification.


V1.2.1 (04/29/12)
Added option to export orders with 1 line per product (can list each product name / reference), or 1 line per order.
Added support for Serail Number Module (export the serial that was used for each product).
Fixed a bug with export of "Other Tables" (some where not displaying correctly).

V1.3 (04/10/13)
Support for PS 1.5
Support for multi-shop.

V1.3.1 (05/01/13)
Fix for saving export settings (PS 1.4)
Fix for product URL (did not include category names) (PS 1.4)
Fix for fields not being escaped properly with certain characters (PS 1.4)


V1.3.2 (09/25/13)
Backup files are now saved with a UTF-8 heading (opens better in Excel)


V1.4 (09/16/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


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    2011-07-13 Paul W. Very useful The best thing about this is it allows non-administrator users the ability to run SQL queries by was too dangerous to allow them access to phpMyAdmin and phpMyAdmin didn't support custom privileges so they always had to go to IT to request a report. Highly recommended.
    2011-07-04 Lisa G. Perfect The Database Export module is exactly what I needed and works perfectly. It makes our company's handling of data so much easier and faster now that we can export through a back office module rather than fiddling around with our database through our phpMyAdmin panel. Such a time saver! Thanks for the great module!
    I use PrestaShop v.1.3.2.
    2011-06-22 fahad i. Thanks Presto Changeo Team Excellent module,working fine with prestashop latest version.Export data very fast and accurately with no error.Thanks to presto changeo Team.
    2011-04-18 Delmotte M. Thanks a lot A very good module who make life better with prestashop. Manage your business website could be easy. The functionality are very interest and the option to export every database is very useful. thanks to developer