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Batch Downloadable Product Pro V1.4.1

Batch Downloadable Product Pro


    - $25 对于定价模块 $0 - $99
    - $50对于定价模块 $100+
Website Translator



US $100



US $35
Database Backup



US $70

Export Customers / Products / Orders / Other tables using various filtering options to a CSV file.


US $100
Facebook Comments



US $50
Product Prices Import

Easily update prices, add quantity discounts, create limited time sales, assign different prices to customer groups and more, with one simple file upload.


US $40
US $140
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评论 5
测试了的Prestashop版本: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x



新:兼容的PrestaShop 1.6


PrestaShop 1.6 Front End :









V1.0.1 (08/03/11)
Fix for downloadable email (was not being sent).
Fix for file attachment.
Better compatibility with product name auto-complete in the configuration page.


V1.1 (12/12/11)
Ability to assign multiple downloadable files for 1 product
Added upgrade notification.


V1.1.1 (03/06/12)
Fix for shipping cost on regular products (was not being applied).


V1.2 (10/17/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Ability to have a product downloadable & physical (include shipping rates).
Ability to edit and download assigned files from the configuration page.
Ability to set default values for downloadable options.

V1.2.1 (02/21/13)
Fixed a bug with virtual product email (PS 1.5.2+)


V1.2.2 (07/01/13)
Fix for inserting download hash and download deadline in PS


V1.2.3 (07/09/13)
Fix for sending 2 emails with virtual products (Prestashop


V1.3 (09/19/13)
Added "Virtual Product" display to orders page, with ability to see and change the number of downloads and expiration date.


V1.3.1 (11/11/13)
Fix for MySQL version conflict (PS 1.4. & PS 1.5)
Fix for total available number of downloads in PS 1.4 & PS 1.5
Fix for download link in FO (PS 1.4 & PS 1.5)
Added file verification in module configuration page


V1.3.2 (12/09/13)
Fix for sending virtual email when is_shippable option was on (PrestaShop 1.5)


V1.3.3 (12/16/13)
Added verification to installation instructions
Fixed an issue which was causing the downloadable files to reset when saving a product in PrestaShop 1.5.6


v1.3.4 (01/23/14)
Fix to Insert Attachement Name in all enabled languages


v1.4 (05/13/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


v1.4.1 (10/13/14)
Fix for PDF invoice attachment for orders with state Payment Accepted (PrestaShop 1.6)


V1.4.2 (07/14/15)
Fix for back office Ajax requests bug affecting some servers
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1


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2014-10-14 Diana S. Create Module Works Like a Charm!! Thx for the support ... this module works like a charm...

Cheers Diana
2013-03-16 Debra M. Fast Customer Service Response I just purchased the upgrade. Add me to list of happy customers!
2012-11-26 Bruno M. Very good module and fast support I'm building an e-commerce to sell digital goods, each digital good can have multiple formats, so this module is exactly what I was looking for!! It works like a charm!!
Last but not least, the fast response of the guys at Presto-Changeo to support me with a couple of small issues.
Good job guys|!
2011-09-13 John P. Awsome Module I sell digital products and the only thing I didn't like with prestashop was no multiple files for a single product. Not many carts have this option. I contacted Tomer to create it. It was done on time as promised and a great price. Customer service is awsome...I had a few issues with the install..user error on my side of course and Tomer walked me thru how to fix it...anytime I have contacted them I get a response with in a couple hours if not sooner.

For multiple files for download for a single product this module is awsome and simple to use. Ftp the files makes uploading fast..highly recommend this module and this company
2011-06-15 Denise N. It's a Godsend for us!! We worked with a developer for months to have a module like developed for us (because there was not one available at the time) and after months and months we were not able to get a working module. Thank you Tomer for writing this module. It works like a charm and I am thrilled. Buy this is your customers have to download more than one file with your virtual products.