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USPS (Rates + Label Printing) V1.5.9

USPS (Rates + Label Printing)


* Not compatible with PrestaShop Cloud.

使用优惠券代码“送货”买2航运模块时得到$ 10的折扣。




    - $25 对于定价模块 $0 - $99
    - $50对于定价模块 $100+



US $35
Database Backup



US $70




US $100



US $100

Export Customers / Products / Orders / Other tables using various filtering options to a CSV file.


US $100
Facebook Comments



US $50
US $100
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测试了的Prestashop版本: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x





新:兼容的PrestaShop 1.6


Front End demo - PrestaShop 1.6 (Standalone)

Back end demo - PrestaShop 1.6:
Replace (dot) with .
Password: test1234

Front End (Connected to the backend) http://demo.presto-changeo(dot)com/usps/bodemo/






单箱- 分配将被用于所有的产品之一箱尺寸:
多盒(固定大小)- 定义多少产品能适合在一个盒子(号),或只按重量计算。
多盒(产品尺寸)- 定义所有你使用的航运箱尺寸,尺寸分配给您的产品,模块会自动计算(使用我们开发了一种算法)如何需要多少盒,以适应所有的产品(总是试图用最小/最低数包)。






* USPS不提供生成的标签时,支付邮资的能力。邮资必须另行缴纳,一般在包装空投。


V1.0.1 (12/20/10)
Bug fix for free shipping in PS 1.3.3

V1.0.2 (01/20/11)
Update to the latest USPS API.
Modified files for PS 1.3.6
Added Media package type.


V1.1 (02/15/11)
Support for multiple boxes (and box sizes), by product dimensions, number of packages or weight.
Downloadable products don’t show product shipping rates.
Cache improvements.


V1.1.1 (02/26/11)
Added debug mode for automatic box detection (shows the number of packages used and their sizes).
Bug fix for automatic box detection.
Empty Handling no longer shown in shipping rates preview.
Cart will show shipping rates for non-logged users after they preview rates for any product.
Added modified files for PS 1.3.7


Bug fix for multiple package rates.
Support for PS 1.4
Bug fixes for caching system.


V1.1.3 (04/02/11)
Improved boxing algorithm.
Fix for shipping rates preview on PS1.4 (unavailable methods were showing as Free).
Caching fix from previous version.
All zip codes are limited to 5 characters (using more then 5 was not returning results from USPS)
Fix for undefined notices.


V1.1.4 (04/09/11)
Bug fix for a potential theme problem in PS 1.4


V1.1.5 (06/03/11)
Fix for shipping cost info in order history.
Improved boxing algorithm.


V1.2 (03/05/12) * PS 1.4+ only 
Improved cache.
Shipping preview in the cart block (Does not require login).
Shipping preview with state selection (for negotiated rates).
Shipping preview in product page respects quantity + attribute selection.
Ability to change the default shipping method from the Preview.
Ability to turn on / off address update based on shipping preview.
Improved boxing algorithm.
Extra charge for shipping can be decimal.
Ability to see an XML log of USPS request.
Automatic Update Notification.
Free shipping per product, category, manufacturer or supplier (per shipping method).
Fix for currency conversion.


V1.2.1 (05/13/12)
Fixed address change in Shipping Preview.
Attribute weight impact is applied to product page shipping preview.
Overweight orders will not show any carriers (was showing free before).
Optimized caching.
Compatible with UPS & Fedex 1.2

V1.3 (11/09/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Optimized module code structure.
Support for product specific added cost.
Support for PS shipping estimator.
Added option for Standard / Commercial rates .

V1.3.1 (11/14/12)
Fix for address change (was not being updated in the module).
Fix for backwards compatibility.

V1.3.2 (12/02/12)
Fix for time zone (all requests made in CST).
Fix for range behavior in shipping preview.
Fix for extra shipping cost in cart preview.
Improved caching of invalid rate requests.
Using external CSS for shipping preview.
Option to hide / display address fields in preview.

V1.3.3 (01/06/13)
Fix for shipping preview check for logged customers (PS 1.4)
Fix for multiple shops (carriers not always created in all shops).

V1.3.4 (01/31/13)
Fix for a potential issue when using payment modules that redirect to a 3rd party site (on call back, shipping was returning 0).
Improved backwards compatibility code.
Removed all uses of deprecated isLogged()

V1.3.5 (02/14/13)
Fixed a bug with international carriers when editing (was messing up the shipping method)
Fixed a bug with tax being added twice in checkout page.
Fixed a bug where zipcode was disabled (no rates were returned).
Product dimensions can be smaller than 1

V1.3.6 (05/03/13)
Updated Carrier.php override (PS 1.5)
Fix for placing an order from the Backoffice.


V1.4 (08/26/13)
Added Label Printing and automated email tracking number emails
Updated configuration page layout and added more detailed instructions.
*Price increase


V1.4.1 (09/02/13)
Fix for new custom hook system (PS 1.5.5+)


V1.4.2 (11/05/13)
Fix for International shipping rate when using multiple fixed size boxes
Moved printing label functions to a specific label printing class


V1.4.3 (12/19/13)
Implemented option for USPS label printing in non-USPS orders
Fixed deprecated function Hook::get()
Fixed unavailable carriers showing up when free shipping limit was reached.
Updated override Carrier for PrestaShop v.1.5
Fixed warehouse movement when label printing & status changing (PS 1.5)
Fixed label printing on separate pages
Fixed XML request for weight to use 3 decimals digits


V1.5 (05/03/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6
Fixed grams to kilo grams conversion
Fixed for free shipping limit with multiple currencies (currency conversion was not taken into account)
Added reload button in order detail page to update shipping information after generating label printing
Added update button in API information section
Added support for multiple flat rate packages in a shipment


V1.5.1 (06/19/14)
Added support for having multiple label printing modules for an order
Added support for international letter / parcel
Shipping preview optimization (to avoid scrollbars)
Fix for missing order name variable in tracking # email
Fixed config page layout issues in Firefox
Fixed commercial rate option for international orders


V1.5.2 (08/18/14)
Added account validation request and response to configuration page when account info is invalid
Added server error to XML Log
Improved performance of rate requests
Fix for shipping preview fields formatting (certain themes only)
Fix for configuration page layout (Firefox browser only)
Fix for bug related to zip code requirement in shipping preview
Fix relating to zip codes when 'Required' is not selected in configuration page

V1.5.3 (08/27/14)
Updated new tracking URL
Added option to select default label printing display.


V1.5.4 (09/19/14) - *Important Update*
Added domestic First Class methods
Fixed flat rate shipping price / availability issues


V1.5.5 (10/13/14)
Fixed shipping to Puerto Rico (module was considering it a International destination)
Fixed issue when destination country has multiple words (I.E New Zealand)
Fixed issue with currency conversion


V1.5.6 (01/06/15)
Added option to collapse or expand by default the labels on order page
Added fix for servers still using SSLv3
Added shipping preview customer group validation
Sorting in shipping preview by the PS settings
Shipping preview displays state only when needed
Fixed small glitched when closing the shipping preview
Added option to select origin country if it's not enabled in PrestaShop
Fixed issue with free shipping validation (was enabling carriers that are not available)


V1.5.7 (04/08/15)
Fixed issues with shipping preview (in some cases it would be hidden and retain old state / city values)


V1.5.8 (06/01/15)
*IMPORTANT* Update for Priority shipping to Canada
Fixed potential issue with old cart use for admin order creation


V1.5.9 (07/26/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1


V1.6 (08/13/15)
Fixed issues with flat rate envelopes and boxes


问) 什么是这个模块之间的差异,在USPS模块的Prestashop 1.4


一)在USPS的模块, 它与的 Prestashop(和其他许多美国邮政等车的模块)是非常有限的,当涉及到计算的航运箱。


1) 将在1盒具有固定大小的所有产品 -这可能会导致过高的估计 ,作为一个小产品和大型产品将共享相同的框的大小(这将有大)

2) 放置在自己的机器的每一个产品-这将导致更高的估计,自从用了2盒,而不是1个较大的方框是更昂贵的。


我们的模块采用了先进的算法 (我们的团队开发)来计算产品/盒。

它可以让你指定多个框的大小,您通常使用的航运,产品添加到购物车, 模块自动计算需要多少盒/大小适合所有的产品。它总是试图用最少的箱子和最小的尺寸。





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2013-02-16 James S. The solution for USPS shipping! After trying other sources of modules, these guys are a breath of fresh air and my primary choice for modules now. The module works great and I've had it for over a month now on a live site. Updates and tweaks are well handled. It actually works well with unlike so many others.

I love how the carriers are made through the module. I mostly ship by weight world wide and haven't had any calculation issues. Having the weight or the size calculations is a must have, I like how you can mix the two options. Its very flexible, you can set up a small flat rate box carrier based on size and then set up carriers for just weight. Customers can choose the lower cost or faster method easily. The shipping rate buttons are a big plus, because customers don't have to sign in to see the actual postage cost.

Thanks to Tomer for the help inserting the Shipping Rates button in the cart block too.
2012-11-19 Luc W. fantastic support !! Excellent job implementing the functionality of the USPS module so that the mix of commercial (online) and regular USPS rates is possible. I highly recommend this USPS module. Thank you Tomer.
2011-08-25 megan d. Presto-ChangeO USPS This module added a ton of value to our store. It really works great and Tomer helped me set it up every step of the way!
2011-06-27 Howard K. Great Module! Tomer Rocks! This module was a life saver.. Thanks Tomer! Must have if you're shipping internationally. Great job!
2011-03-31 Nancy L. Works great! I am a newbie, and needed some hand-holding to get this implemented. Tomer was very helpful and the module works great!
2010-12-11 Shane P. This module is ESSENTIAL for shops needing to ship tangible goods abroad! Most of our business is from customer located in foreign countries and UPS and FedEx are just not an economical choice.

In only a few days, this module has reduced customer inquiries for shipping quotes and lets our foreign customers get accurate shipping rates for their locations.

Bravo Presto-ChangeO, another exceptional module!

Best regards,
All Version Performance