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Wholesale ModulesThere are 5 products.

Modules which make wholesale using Prestashop easier and more efficient.
    Private Shop

    Hide your shop or prices from non-registered users (entire shop or selected pages). Ability to manually approve new registrations, or send a customer a verification link to activate their account.

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    US $50
    Attribute Grid

    Display products with 1, 2 or 3 attribute groups as a grid and quickly add multiple product combinations with 1 click.

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    US $60
    Product Prices Import

    Easily update prices, add quantity discounts, create limited time sales, assign different prices to customer groups and more, with one simple file upload.

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    US $40
    Attributes-Made-Easy Modules Pack

    Save $35 on 3 attribute modules guaranteed to make product ordering easy for your customers, and attribute management easy for you!

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    US $175
    Attribute Grid

    Display product options as a grid when 1, 2 or 3 attribute groups are used so that users can quickly compare options and add multiple product combinations to their cart with 1 click.

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    US $75