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Attribute ModulesThere are 7 products.

Customize the order, design and functionality of the Prestashop attributes

    Attribute Wizard

    Display your attributes as Radio Button, Checkbox, or DropDown, add group images and description, and control the order of groups and items.

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    US $75
    Attribute Grid

    Display products with 1, 2 or 3 attribute groups as a grid and quickly add multiple product combinations with 1 click.

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    US $60
    Attribute Wizard Pro

    Our most popular and highly rated module, now with support for connected attributes, lets you create an unlimited number of attributes per product and display them as Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown, Textbox, Textarea, and file upload. Use layered attribute images for full customization effect.

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    US $250
    Product List Attributes

    Allow customers to select product attributes and quantity on the Homepage, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, Search, New products, or any other pages with products, including filters.

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    US $100
    Mass Combination Editor

    Save time by viewing, editing and deleting all Product Combination (Attributes) in one place. Update price impact, weight impact, reference, quantity and more from a single screen.


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    US $75
    Quick Shop

    Show a preview of your products in a "Quick Shop" window from any page.

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    US $75
    Single Stock Attributes

    Set a single stock level for a product with attributes.

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    US $40