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Attribute Wizard V1.7.0

Attribute Wizard

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Reviews 9
Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Looking for a PS 1.7 version? Find it here.

* If you have an earlier version of the module, contact us for a discount on the PS 1.7 version.


Display your attributes as Radio Button, Checkbox, or DropDown, add group images and descriptions, and control the order of groups and items. Unrivaled flexibility for displaying attribute options to customers.


Now with support for PrestaShop 1.6 responsive themes.


Links to Demo

Front End Demo:


Connected Attributes Front End Demo


Back End Demo:
Password: demodemo

Front End Demo (Connectted to back end above):

Information and Features

This module lets you completely customize the attributes in Prestashop.
Similar to the Apple website

NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6+ responsive themes.

You can choose to display attributes as Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, and DropDown Menus.

You can use an image next to each attribute group and add a description as well (with html in it).

You can use Attribute Color / Texture.

You can have it open in a popup or on the product page.

You can control the order of attribute groups and items, and display multiple options in the same line.

The price impact will be displayed next to each option and will automatically reflect changes.

It lets you copy attributes from one product to another, or to a category (to all the products in it).

Change Log

V1.1 (01/22/10)
Bug fix when there are too many groups and items (the module was not saving the settings properly).
New option to collapse and expand the groups in the BackOffice interface.


V1.2 (02/17/10)
Ability to open the customization in a popup.
Ability to use Attribute images.
Ability to display multiple radio buttons in one row.
Ability to use TinyMCE for group description (in PS1.2).
Ability to link group image to a URL.


V1.3 (07/15/10)
Ability to display the total price for each combination.
Ability to turn on only for certain products.
Attribute Copy Feature.
Attribute Textures will open the full size image in a thickbox.
Ability to disable “Add to cart” from category pages.


V1.3.3 (03/16/11)
Support for PS 1.4
Bug fix for add to cart scroll on Chrome / Safari.


V1.3.4 (06/23/11)
Bug fix for backoffice sorting in browsers other than Firefox (in PS 1.4.)


V1.4 (09/11/11)
Ability to hide / disable unavailable / out of stock attributes ( IE ) 
Fix for attribute impact display include / exclude tax (on PS 1.4 with "Difference" price impact).
Added upgrade notification.

V1.5 (10/09/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Improved hide / disable of unavailable or out of stock combination (with ability to leave a group always enabled).

Improved hide / disable of unavailable attributes.
Fixed attribute copy option (when using multishop).

V1.5.2 (04/18/13)
Improved hide unavailable options functionality (automatically select a valid combination).
Added integration with Quick Shop module
Removed debug code from last version.
Fix for TinyMCE on PS 1.4.4
Fix for old Prestashop using smarty 2
Removed redundant call to findCombination function (was causing product image to flicker).


V1.5.3 (09/03/13)
Fix for new custom hook system (PS 1.5.5+)
Bug fix in AW module when using only one attribute group (total_combination was not computing properly).


V1.5.4 (10/09/13)
Fixed Display price difference in PS 1.5


V1.5.5 (12/05/13)
Fix for display of product price tax included / tax excluded with checkboxes
Fix for updating attribute value name in module configuration page
Fix for hide unavailable drop down options in IE & Safari


V1.5.6 (12/16/13)
Fixed js error


V1.5.7 (02/26/14)
Fix for Multishop ajax call when default shop had a virtual URI (PrestaShop 1.5)
Fiix for Quick Shop integration: Redirect to Previous Page or to Checkout page when Ajax Cart is disabled


V1.6 (03/18/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.6.1 (05/29/14)
Added new hook options (ExtraRight + a new custom hook).
Added ability to select a hook directly from the configuration page.
Fixed issue with first add to cart (PrestaShopS 1.6)
Fixed JS error when using PrestaShop 1.6 with a non bootstrap theme.
Fixed backwards compatibility with PrestaShop 1.5
Fixed total price display when using Ecotax


V1.6.2 (07/03/14)
Fix for clicking on an attribute image in PS 1.6 (was not using fancybox to display)


V1.6.3 (07/31/14)
Fixed large view of attribute images (Was opening in a new window instead of FancyBox)


V1.6.4 (10/13/14)
Fixed Difference impact display (PrestaShop 1.6) in multistore configuration
Fixed hide unavailable combinations in IE + Chrome


V1.6.5 (01/22/15)
Fixed missing footer_product tpl
Added option to display wizard for products by UPC
Minor code cleanup


V1.6.6 (07/26/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1


V1.6.7 (09/30/15)
Fixed issue with custom hook


V1.6.8 (02/04/16)
Fixed issue with attribute copy when target is a category


V1.6.9 (07/14/16)
Updated to PSR-2 coding standard


V1.7.0 (11/29/17)
Compatible with Thirty Bees.
Fix for undefined variable notices.
Fix for hiding original attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the difference between Attribute Wizard and Attribute Wizard Pro


A) The Attribute Wizard Pro (AWP) module was designed to handle a large number of attributes per product. By default, Prestashop can only handle around 1,000 - 3,000 combinations per product before running into memory problems that can render the product page unusable.


This PrestaShop limitation has made our Attribute Wizard Pro module an indispensable tool for thousands of shops around the world.

Attribute Wizard Pro changes the way combinations are added to products, and allows you to use as many attributes as you want for each product. Please note that because of core code changes made by AWP, combinations are created in a new way and cannot be setup using the default PrestaShop combination generator. AWP also loses the ability to use connected attributes, as each combination contains attributes from 1 group, and not 1 from each group (the default way).

Attribute Wizard Pro also provides greater flexibility in displaying attributes. You can use multiple checkboxes for 1 attribute group, display attributes as a text area, text box and file upload (each can have a price impact), and supports using a quantity box as attribute, for ordering of multiple items with 1 click.

Both modules support similar Front End display capabilities; you can use as many color groups as you want for attributes, and upload an image for each attribute group.

In a nutshell, the regular Attribute Wizard provides excellent front-office attribute display flexibility and is sufficient for many shops with a small number of combinations, while the Pro version is a much more powerful tool used most often by shops with over 1000 total combinations.

You can read more about Attribute Wizard Pro, and explore the full-featured back office demo we have setup, here:

Module Reviews

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2013-09-22 Luca W. Luca W. Great module!
It works perfectly, a strong addiction to front office, now all attributes are very well presented, with short description, photos, etc.
The code is written soooo well!
Presto-Changeo always the best! Thanks!
2012-11-17 Eric G. Eric G. Great module, just what we needed to simplify our attributes and and make it easier for our customers. Had a few problems with our setup but tech support was great, fast and provided us wtih exactly the fixes we needed. Thanks!
2012-10-23 Martijn K. The Attribute Wizard is one small but extreme powerfull module.
I will buy more modules in the future...and also not to forget the support is great (thanks Cristina) ;-).
2012-06-10 Marc W. Happy User ! Excellent module, simple, easy to use and works perfect on any prestashop. Comes with a great technical support that answer in the same day. Thanks Presteo Changeo for putting this module for sale.
2010-11-15 Jeff H. You can't go wrong with any of these modules!! AWP has saved me hours alone. The best thing about the modules from this site is the incredible technical support. First Rate!!!
2010-07-21 Daverio A. Very good module !!

Très bon module que je conseille pour changer l'affichage de base des catégories
2010-04-06 brian B. I lost hours trying to figure out attributes in Prestashop, then found Toms Mod.. WOW WOW WOW.
1) Adding the MOD was pretty simple only took 5 minutes
2) in minutes I added the attributes and had site functioning.
3) BUT the huge benefit was I am now able to build for my client a perfect and I mean perfect options form, the absolute control OPENED my mind and was MORE than worth every cent paid..
My client thinks I am a genius and was more than willing to pay me extra but more importantly now I am 100% ahppy with the job I did thanks to this brilliant mod
2010-03-30 fds F. Super module, et super service technique en ligne...
A conseillé , très sérieux et compétent.
2009-12-20 Shayne M. This module has helped me cut down the development time of my current project as this was exactly what my customer wanted.

You can see it in action on my development server @

Please do not process orders via this site.

Kind regards,


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