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Product Accessories V1.5

Product Accessories


To remove the original hook, make sure to check the "Display non-positionnable hook" box in the Positions page.

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Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x
Information and Features

Display the Product Accessories in a more visible place and hide it from the tabs section.

By Default the module is hooked to "Extra Right" (below the add to cart button).

To display the accessories horizontally (above "More info"), transplant the module to the "Product Footer" hook (Modules->Positions->Transplant a module). You can also transplant the module to the Left Column and Right Column.

Change Log

V1.0.1 (03/07/10)
Small display fix for IE.


V1.1 (03/21/10)
Uses a better layout and scroll-bar (when showing more than 4 accessories).

V1.2 (02/18/11)
New hook ProductFooter (for horizontal display).
Support for PS 1.4


V1.3 (02/15/12)
Added new Left + Right Column hooks.
Code cleanup and optimization (CSS)
Fix for product price excluding tax display. 
Added scrollbar to Product Footer hook.


V1.3.1 (03/06/12)
Fix for CSS (not being included in certain cases).


V1.3.2 (11/09/12)
Support for PS 1.4.9 (JQuery v.1.7.2)

V1.4 (12/12/12)
Support for PS 1.5


V1.5 (06/22/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6
Responsive front-office

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2013-04-17 Roman S. GREAT!!!!! LOVE IT, exactly what i was looking for. Only if i knew how to add the Reference # to it :)

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