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osCommerce to PrestaShop Migration V1.5.1

osCommerce to PrestaShop Migration


The module requires file_get_content() or CURL to be enabled on the Prestashop server.

The module only imports default OSC information, it does not include any modifications made (new fields, changed image path), or information from 3rd party modules

Import of large stored can take several hours, make sure your host allows to increase the default PHP timeout settings.

We are happy to provide a one time free installation assistance and full support with the purchase of any module (does not include customization of the module, or integration with 3rd party modules.).

Additional installation assistance requests, such as module / prestashop upgrade or accidental file deletion, will require a fee:.
    - $25 for modules priced $0 - $99
    - $50for modules priced $100+
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1 License
Each module comes with a license to be used on 1 shop (development / test + live environment).

If you need to use the module on more than one shop (separate servers or multishop setup), you would need to purchase an additional license for each shop

We offer 20% discount when purchasing more than 1 license (which will be applied as soon as you add to cart).
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Reviews 20
Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Looking for a PS 1.7 version? Find it here.

* If you have an earlier version of the module, contact us for a discount on the PS 1.7 version.

Save time when making the move from osCommerce into PrestaShop with a few simple clicks!


Migrate your osCommerce site to PrestaShop including customers (with passwords), orders, categories, products, manufacturers, reviews, currencies, and languages.


NEW: Support for PrestaShop 1.6

Information and Features

This module will import:
* Customer accounts - Addresses and old passwords.
* Orders - Order status, payment methods used, and RMAs.
* Categories - Description and Images.
* Products - Attributes, images (including BMPs), and accessories.
* Manufacturers.
* Products Reviews.
* Currencies and Languages.

Additional features
* Automatically import language packs and flags from the Prestashop site for your imported languages (if needed).
* Resume import (for servers with low timeout settings).

NEW! Automatically redirect your old osCommerce URLs to your new Prestashop site using our new osCommerce URL Redirect module.

Change Log

Language bug fix.
Various other minor bug fixes.


V1.0.4 (07/18/10)
Bug fix for language import when resuming a timed out translation.
Currency import corrections.
More detailed instructions.


    V1.1 (08/01/10)
    Automatic import of Prestashop language pack and flags for imported languages (when needed).
    On screen information about the import progress in case of a timeout.
    Various bug fixes.


      V1.1.2 (09/28/10)
      Ability to populate the short description field in Prestashop with the first characters from the full Description.
      General bug fixes.


      V1.1.3 (10/22/10)
      Imports carts (required for PS 1.3.2) .
      Small fix for attributes with quotes in the name/value.


      V1.1.4 (10/29/10)
      Fix for tax import.
      Sets the correct default category for products.


      V1.1.5 (11/18/10)
      Added support for CURL import (instead of file_get_contents()).
      Fix for shipping price on order import.
      Fix for old password length.
      Taxes are imported only when needed.


        V1.1.6 (12/10/10)
        CURL import for images which was overlooked in the last release (to prevent problems when the PHP setting allow_url_fopen = off).

        Support for PS 1.4
        Various bug fixes for different OSC versions, new password encoding, countries + tax import.


        V1.1.8 (05/01/11)
        Bug fix for tax import in PS 1.4+
        Bug fix for order history (on OSC 2.2 +)


        V1.1.9 (08/02/11)
        Bug fix for attribute import.
        Bug Fix for order history import (attribute).
        Added new line formatting to product description.
        Various other bug fixes.


        V1.2 (05/08/12)
        Fixed State import (retaining all the existing PS states).
        Fixed carrier import in PS 1.4
        Fixed tax import in PS 1.4
        Added automatic upgrade notification.


        V1.3 (09/26/12)
        Support for PS 1.5
        Added option to map OSCommerce order Status to Prestashop order status before order import.


        Image name fix for PS1.5.1

        V1.3.2 (10/19/12)
        Customer import fix for multishop.
        Category import fix (under certain cases categories were not appearing in the front end) .

        V1.3.3 (10/25/12)
        Fixed a bug with upgrade notification, when a new version was released, the module would not find the export file


        V1.3.4 (11/08/12)
        Fix for default currency

        V1.3.5 (11/30/12) 
        Improved support for character encoding (UTF-8 & other).
        Fixed a bug with attribute price impact import (occasionally doubling)

        V1.3.6 (01/20/13)
        Fix for imported addresses (state only added for matching countries)
        Fix for order history product price when using multiple currencies.
        Generating invoices for imported orders (PS 1.5)

        V1.3.7 (04/18/13)
        Fix for order total import
        Added User Agent to Curl osci_export call (some server were blocking the request without it)
        Fix for attribute import in PS v1.5 (order was not set)
        Fix for DB prefix in osci_export.php


        V1.3.8 (5/28/13)
        Fix for generating invoice when importing orders (PS 1.5)
        Fix for import taxes recursion
        Fix for specific product price import (PS 1.5)


        V1.3.9 (07/25/13) 
        Fix for Order History status (was not importing properly)
        Added note about deleting class_index.php for PS 1.5.3+


        V1.4 (09/24/13)
        Fix for order import (order_payment table was not populated)
        Fix for Order Status mapping when Import in Background button is used


        V1.4.1 (11/11/13)
        Fix for attribute groups / value names (were not imported correctly for osCommerce languages)
        Fix for missing translations from product images


        Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


        V1.5.1 (07/22/15)
        Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1
        Fix for product image import

        Instructional Video

        Module Reviews

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        2011-11-14 Sebastien T. Great works Très bon module. Suivi excellent via le chat live. A conseiller absolument.
        Very good work with this add -on which works perfectly. Thanks to Toner !
        2011-10-28 stephane D. No problem. it works. i'm happy.
        2011-08-24 Pedro S. Excellent Module I will recommend to anybody, after endless hours trying the default prestashop module with no success, I bought it installed and in 8 minutes job done!!!

        GREAT MODULE 12 out of 10 and SUPERB SERVICE

        Thank you Tomer
        2011-06-28 Béatrice F. Excellent ! Module excellent, et support au top. Vous êtes accompagné jusqu'à la migration complète de votre osCommerce. Très bien, je conseille.

        Very good module. The support is excellent : you're helped until the migration is completed. I advise !

        Beatrice F.
        2011-04-21 Michael B. great module. works very well. Tomer provides great support as well.
        2011-03-11 Betty R. OMG...! You have no idea the thousands of dollars you guys saved me with your osC to PS mod. I am not a programmer or developer, but I'm very software and comp tech savvy. This software add-on is off the CHAIN...! Are you guys available for hire? Great job on this mod, I LOVE it...!
        2011-02-25 Benoit B. A must have if you need to transfer your database.
        If you need help like me because your host is bad configured (like OVH :-) ) the support is reaaly proffessional and proactive.
        Thanks to Tomer and the time spent for the support.
        5 stars for everything.
        Don't hesitate if you need this tool, this one is perfect.
        2010-11-29 Alain B. Je viens d'installer ce module et je suis très satisfait. Le support est excellent et on m'a guidé tout au long de l'installation. Merci!
        2010-11-11 Kwong E. I don't want to say any more good comment for the result and performance of the app, you could see from above. I want to highlight the rapid support from Tomer!!! $100 really worth to save your preciously time for such good app and support! 100% recommend!
        2010-10-18 Bill Z. This is the best module for osCommerce migration.

        So far I have migrated 2 stores. One with 700 products and the other with 1500 products and multiple images.

        Due to a low server timeout we did require support which was always available.

        Thanks again, Tomer. Presto-Changeo - no Problemo!
        2010-09-18 ségolène D. Un excellent script qui permet de transférer toutes les données de la boutique oscommerce vers Prestashop. Le temps gagné vaut le prix ! Thank you Tomer for your nice job and help.
        2010-09-07 maximilien N. Super Module!

        Il a marché nickel!

        Pendant la migration, les commandes n'avaient pas été migré.
        Je vais dans le support en ligne (chat) pensant qu'il n'y aurait personne en ligne et Tomer a été super réactif.

        En fait, il fallait juste refaire l'import mais juste des commandes, et c'est passé :)

        Thanks Tomer
        2010-09-02 Vidar hunstad V. Excellent script that does the job! Even for the size of my shop which includes 20k products, 4k customers, and 4k orders, importing takes only 15-20 minutes.

        The developer is also really easy to get a hold of for support and help.
        2010-09-01 Wigbert K. Thanks
        This is a verry helpful modul for change to an newer webshop.

        great and friendly support for fixing any problems. verry quickly replay for any questions.

        2010-09-01 Carmen K. This product is just great, it saved me at least 1 week of hard work. Easy to install and handle.
        The support is more than perfect and outstanding!!
        THANKS AGAIN!!

        2010-08-31 Francoise G. La migration d’Oscommerce vers Prestashop s’est déroulée à merveille grâce à ce module. Nombreux clients à transférer + commandes, carnets d’adresses…et bien sûr, leurs mots de passe !

        Le transfert fut très rapide, en back office, tout est parfait, y compris les différents statuts des commandes, messages éventuels. Et côté client, idem, l’historique des commandes est bien présent. En somme, tout est clean, et transparent côté client.
        Ce module m’a fait gagner un temps très précieux, aucun regret !

        Support en ligne très efficace
        Avec tous mes remerciements !

        This module works very well !

        I purchased this module to import about 700 customers from my oscommerce shop + their orders and their old osc passwords.
        After just a few minuts of efficient online support, I could import all of my customers…very quickly !
        The result is absolutely perfect !

        I highly recommend this module,
        Thank you again
        2010-07-20 Jose M. Gran modulo y excelente soporte.. Ha funcionado todo a la primera y con absoluta rapidez y fiabilidad. Una pequeña pega que me surgio demostro el excelente soporte. Todo absolutamente recomendable. Gracias por el tiempo ahorrado

        2010-07-13 FREDERIC S. Script trés pratique, la migration est d'un simplicitée et le support
        technique est la pour vous aider en cas de soucis .

        Achat réception du script et installation en moins de 5 minutes,
        migration des produits via prestashop, et le support m'a aidé à
        terminé, trés disponible et le travail a été fait rapidement, résultat
        une migration en moins de 10 minutes qui dis mieux :-)

        Merci encore

        Script very simple, migration very fast and great technical support,
        they was here for you if you have a problem .

        Buy, installation, and migration, just 5 minutes not more, the support
        help me for finish and the work has been fast and the result is great.

        Migration less than 10 minutes, you have a better solution, no it's the best

        2010-07-08 Mike F. Great script, great support!

        Installed within five minutes, and the migration couldn't be simpler.
        Since we had some trouble with our system configuration, we exchanged a lot of emails with the author - his support really is fantastic, he made it all work and even adopted the script to our system problems.

        Top recommendation, no doubt about it!
        2010-07-02 Torbz F. Having spent money and wasted time on another migration script, this script saved me lots of time and was cheaper than the other script I had found. The installation was easy, and the process considerably easier than anything I'd used before it.

        The script is also OSC version-independent, so there was no issues about source and target installations.

        The author replied very quickly to support queries and improved the script on my behalf to deal with the circumstance.

        I would absolutely recommend both author and module.
        5 out of 5!

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