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Mailchimp Marketing V1.1.5

Mailchimp Marketing

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1 License
Each module comes with a license to be used on 1 shop (development / test + live environment).

If you need to use the module on more than one shop (separate servers or multishop setup), you would need to purchase an additional license for each shop

We offer 20% discount when purchasing more than 1 license (which will be applied as soon as you add to cart).
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Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Looking for a PS 1.7 version? Find it here.

* If you have an earlier version of the module, contact us for a discount on the PS 1.7 version.


Sync your PrestaShop customer and subscriber data with Mailchimp, including past and future ecommerce / order data. A powerful tool to help send targeted newsletters to your customers using Mailchimp based on purchase history, products ordered, amount spent, purchase date and more.

Create and send to unlimited segments using Mailchimp's wide variety of tools and features.


To learn more about Mailchimp and to sign up for an account, use the link below. It's even free for up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers!


NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6

Information and Features

Easily integrates with PrestaShop's default email signup forms (ie. BlockNewsletter) to automatically add new subscribers to your MailChimp account.

Sync your shop's order & ecommerce data with your Mailchimp account. Maximize your email marketing by creating list segments in Mailchimp. You'll be able to send highly targeted newsletters based on:
- Product purchased
- Order date
- Total amount spent
- Amount spent per product

Select which Mailchimp subscriber list to sync with each time you update your contacts for complete flexibility.

Choose whether to update data for all customers in your PrestaShop store, or only those who have subscribed on your site.

Enable Automatic Tracking of Orders to transmit ecommerce data to Mailchimp each time an order is received automatically.

Send ecommerce data for all of your subscribers, even for orders placed in the past!

Update contacts manually anytime from the configuration page with one click, or setup a 'cron job' to sync subscriber data automatically (nstructions are included in the configuration page).

Change Log

V1.1 (05/12/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.1.1 (06/19/14)
Fixed ssue that altered Mailchimp 'Group' affiliations on sync
Fixed list update cron call
Fixed ssue where user unsubscribed via Mailchimp but PrestaShop subscription didn't update on sync


V1.1.2 (07/11/14)
Added option to resume order info sync (in case of server timeout)


V1.1.3 (09/03/14)
Fixed a bug when trying to sync only opt-in customers and newsletter module is not installed


V1.1.4 (03/12/15)
Fixed issue when syncing existing blocknewsletter subscribers


V1.1.5 (04/12/17)
Upgraded to Mailchimp API v3.0
Added support to sync customer language selection

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2014-08-08 Paul W. Not available anywhere else This is the only module that supports segmenting, which is critically important to avoid spamming customers and allows you to highly tailor your marketing. There were a few issues which Tomer ironed out for me very quickly. Thanks so much, great product and great service.

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