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Website Translator V1.8.5

Website Translator


The module requires the common PHP extension "CURL"

The operation of the module depends on Google or Bing  translate being available and working.

Translation can take a long time, depending on the size of the site / section you are translating, if your PHP timeout settings are too low, you may have to restart the translation process, until it is done.

Module and front end translation will only apply for text that is using the Prestashop translation function, and can be manually translated from the backoffice translation page.

We are happy to provide a one time free installation assistance and full support with the purchase of any module (does not include customization of the module, or integration with 3rd party modules.).

Additional installation assistance requests, such as module / prestashop upgrade or accidental file deletion, will require a fee:.
    - $25 for modules priced $0 - $99
    - $50for modules priced $100+
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1 License
Each module comes with a license to be used on 1 shop (development / test + live environment).

If you need to use the module on more than one shop (separate servers or multishop setup), you would need to purchase an additional license for each shop

We offer 20% discount when purchasing more than 1 license (which will be applied as soon as you add to cart).
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Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Use Google or Bing Translate to create complete Prestashop translations of your site in over 50 languages quickly and easily.

Information and Features

This module creates and updates the prestashop language files, resulting in fast page loads and consistant and editable translations. It does not translate your site for each user "on the fly."

It lets you automatically translate your website to more than 50 languages!

Choose to translate using Google Translate V2 (paid) or using Bing Translate (free).

You can edit each language and correct mistakes, and you can have different content for each language.

You can decide what to translate and what to leave in the original language.

It helps your SEO; you will have a new URL for each page, which can get indexed and match more keywords.

You can see the pages we have indexed by searching Google for "SITE:PRESTO-CHANGEO.COM".

It's the easiest way to make your site accessible to foreign markets.

Translates the Front End, Modules, Home Text, and Database (Products, Categories, Attributes, Features, etc...)

This Module was used to translate this site into 15 languages.

Learn how to easily Create a Bing Translate account

Prestashop Thread:

Change Log

V1.1 (11/28/09)
Compatibility with Prestashop 1.1
Fix to some language pairs.
Ability to translate to all languages at once.


    V1.2 (12/06/09)
    Fix for database timeout.
    Fix for translation of duplicate words (Google was returning an error).


      V1.3 (01/13/10)
      Allows to translate in the background, which prevents timeout issues for shops with over 500 products, or when translating multiple languages.


      V1.3.4 (01/14/10)
      Bug fix that was not allowing to translate tags.


      V1.3.7 (04/09/10)
      Handles translations of big texts better, especially with multiple HTML tags.


      V1.3.9 (06/17/10)
      New option to translate friendly URLs and a bug fix for imported shops.


      V1.3.9.1 IMPORTANT UPDATE (06/19/10)
      Bug fix for Home Text translation, which were not being saved correctly since V1.3.8


      V1.3.9.3 IMPORTANT UPDATE (07/19/10)
      Bug fix for Tags translation, which were not being saved correctly since V1.3.8


      V1.3.9.4 (07/31/10)
      Adds support for resuming translations in case of a server timeout.
      Bug fixes for imported shops.


      V1.3.9.5 (09/18/10)
      Bug fix when using “Overwrite translations”.


      V1.3.9.6 (12/03/10)
      Language code fix for Chinese (Simplified + Traditional), and 3 new PS language codes (mx, ag, br).
      Translating product availability fields.
      Fix for single quote ‘ translation in Front office and Module translation.


        V1.3.9.7 (03/16/11)
        Support for PS 1.4
        Bug fix for Arabic translations.


        V1.3.9.8 (03/28/11)
        Optional popup to alert users that the site was automatically translated (when not using the default language).


        V1.5 (10/14/11)
        Switched to Google API V2 paid (the free version was discontinued).
        Added option to translate using Bing (free).
        Added automatic upgrade notifications.
        Fixed translation codes for Arabic.
        Trimming translation of fields with length restrictions (meta tags + short description).


        V1.5.1 (12/11/11)
        Fix for translations with '
        Fix for certain encoding issues with Bing.
        Fix for blocklinks module (PS 1.4.1+).


        V1.6 (01/17/12)
        Ability to exclude <tags> (HTML, Javascript, CSS) from translations (save on Google translations by translating less characters).
        Ability to translate specific products, categories, CMS pages, manufacturers and suppliers.
        Ability to change character limits on certain fields (meta tag + short description).
        Fix for possible unused DB tables that were throwing an error (blocklinks + editorial).


        V1.6.1 (01/24/12)
        Fix for translating with html tags (was ignored if started with a tag).
        Field limit now saves values, and short description defaults to 400 for PS under 1.4.5
        Fix for friendly URL translation (from version 1.6).


        V1.6.2 (03/04/12)
        Fix for Bing Translate when segment starting or ending with a whitespace.


        V1.6.3 (04/25/12)
        Updated Bing translate API (V2.2)


        V1.7 (07/15/12)
        Updated Bing translate to new Azure Marketplace.
        Support for PS 1.5

        V1.7.1 (11/28/12)
        Updated Instructions to create a Bing account (link to our blog).
        Fixed Bing credential display (was visible  even when Google was selected).

        V1.7.2 (04/13/13)
        Fix for Product translate when using multi-shop
        Making sure breaking text to smaller segments does not happen in the middle of a <tag>
        Fix for tpl file parsing in PS 1.5


        V1.7.3 (07/13/13)
        Fix for module translation of blocklinks (Prestashop 1.4.10 and Prestashop 1.4.11)
        Fix for CMS translation (validation function)


        V1.7.4 (11/20/13)
        Fix to select "Include Tags" when all sections were selected


        V1.7.5 (01/15/13)
        Removing special UTF-8 invisible characters (to prevent an error when those appear in the text)
        Ability to translate disabled languages


        V1.8 (03/17/14)
        Support for PrestaShop 1.6


        V1.8.1 (07/21/14)
        Fixed issue where product description was NULL
        Added option to change the language sent to translation engines (ie. GB -> EN)


        V1.8.2 (06/24/15)
        Fixed paths to module translations files
        Fixed incorrectly defined variable


        V1.8.3 (02/03/16)
        Fixed issue with max requests being reached when using Google Translate
        Fixed Bing encoding issue


        V1.8.4 (04/04/17)
        Updated Bing Authentication from Marketplace to Portal (requires a new API key using the Azure Portal)


        V1.8.5 (05/09/17)
        Fix for Bing API incorrect key

          Instructional Video

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q) What is the difference between this module, and other translation modules that work "On the fly"


          A) When you translate "On the fly", you are missing the following features:

          1) Search engines will not be able to index the site in multiple languages, and you will not have keywords in other languages match search results.

          2) You cannot edit translations, since they are not saved anywhere.

          3) It may cause issues on checkout pages / confirmation.

          Module Reviews

          Thanks for leaving a product comment! Please note that we do not check these comments on a regular basis and therefore do not reply to products questions or support requests posted here. For questions or support use our Contact Us form.

          2013-09-02 Jack Y. Great Module Thanks for your wonderful module, it give me the confidence to build a website for defeating the competitor!
          And this is also my first paid module,
          thank you again!

          2013-06-20 Pedro S. Perfect Module If you want to make your life easy with a multilingual site, buy this module, you wont regret it. Works like a charm, is easy to use, and saves you millions of hours!
          Every product I have ought from Prestochangeo is a winner
          2013-04-16 Richard T. great module, great support I can't imagine translating my entire site without this module. It not only works great, but it is constantly being updated. Updates and support have been extremely quick.
          2013-04-10 Tiziano P. Best support I use this module from 1.4 version and now 1.5.4 with multistore work always ok thanks for the best support of staff. Continue in this way !
          2013-03-27 Jérémy C. Perfect Perfect module and very well support ! Thanks Tomer.
          My shop is in 6 languages now, and i'm selling worldwide !!!
          2012-11-22 Elephant V. Great stuff! Awesome software module and makes easy work of translating your shop to other languages. Configuration is a bit tricky in that you need CURL installed on your server and generating a Bing API key.

          There is no great and easy to follow tutorial with regards to generating the Bing API key but this is where the support from presto-changeo was exceptional. Tomer in particular went over and above the call of duty to ensure we were up and running in no time.

          2012-09-20 alain g. Merci Super module, très bien expliqué, support client excellent..voila enfin mon site traduit, pourquoi ai-je tellement attendu ? .. merci prestochangeo Alain
          2012-09-19 Vladimir V. Exelent module Very nice module,many fonctuions, EXELENT SUPPORT, +++++++++++
          2012-07-31 Jean-Paul G. Module très utile et excellent support. Merci !
          2012-05-10 david s. J'ai également acheter ce module très utile voir même indispensable pour des boutiques international. C'est un module complet et d'une excellente qualité, les mises à jours sont régulières et le service technique et très compétent, c'est vraiment agréable de travail dans ces conditions.
          2012-03-16 Steven H. A Prestashop Must have! This module is simply a must have, even if you ship within one country the extra sales this brings in is well worth it, thanks guys!
          2012-02-25 K K. Great Module A great module, which i use for a while already, now also bought for another website, where Bing was giving a problem, but due Tomer's great support it goes again.

          I've seen and tested maybe over 100 modules, but find myself only trust a few module writers. Tomer is one of them.
          If there is a problem with a module there will be a serious reply and investigation, and a fix will come soon.
          Highly Recommended!

          2012-02-09 Vincent p. Great service Just received the new update for this module. Work like a charm. Excellent service and great product.
          Thanks again.
          2011-12-15 Nik R. Website Translator Спасибо за прекрасный модуль =)
          Он очень нам помог получить авторитет среди клиентов.И выделиться от конкурентов

          Все прекрасно работает .
          Thanks from
          demo - www.DIGO-SHOP.COM
          2011-12-15 lucas L. Great module! One of the best modules and usefull.Great support for quick updates
          2011-10-16 Marco K. excelent We are using tomers module for 18 months now, and can tell that you only find a few in this world who give support as is given here. The modules are great, and if there is something, a solution is supplied fast.
          I can highly recommend presto-changeo! Keep up the good work!
          Thanks Tomer.

          2011-09-24 Mirali E. Perfect Module. Perfect Module.

          2011-04-23 Daniel S. Daniel S. Excellent module, as usual. This module save me a lot of time.

          Excelente módulo, como siempre. Este módulo me salvo mucho tiempo.

          Daniel S.
          2010-10-16 Eric B. Fonctionne parfaitement, j'ai traduit ma boutique en 5 langues.
          Pour une traduction efficace, n'oubliez pas de corriger vos fautes d'orthographes avant de lancer la traduction, ça évite de devoir retoucher ensuite.
          2010-07-20 cybervelo C. Very good job. the best and fast support !!
          2010-07-09 Manuel P. Good module and good support
          2010-02-13 Miguel A. Hi
          And thanks to Tomer for a fantastic support with this module.

          This is really a must have module for ALL internations prestashops. It translates ALL your contents in just a few clicks. Choose whatever language supported and just translate. Fantastic!

          I´ll give it 5 stars out of 5!

          Thanks again!

          se my shop for a demo:
          2010-01-26 Adrian N. This module is a real timesaver. It lets me quickly translate all the content of my website into many different languages. This has opened up my website to many other markets.
          2010-01-13 Rob V. Truelly usefull tool! It saves me a lot of time. At first I encoutered some issues getting this module working, but the support is awesome! Keep up the good work.
          2009-12-16 Elisabeth G. C'est un module qui nous fait gagner beaucoup de temps. Bravo.
          2009-12-07 Wassila M. Module fonctionne parfaitement ! Un vrai professionnel.
          Merci encore pour ton excellent travail.
          Très bon contacte, et une très bonne communication avec le vendeur.
          Vous pouvez l'acheter les yeux fermés.

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