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Duplicate URL Redirect V1.5.1

Duplicate URL Redirect


You cannot use this module if you have removed any IDs (IE for products / categories) from your URLs

You must have "Friendly URL" enabled in your shop to use this Module.

We are happy to provide a one time free installation assistance and full support with the purchase of any module (does not include customization of the module, or integration with 3rd party modules.).

Additional installation assistance requests, such as module / prestashop upgrade or accidental file deletion, will require a fee:.
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    - $50for modules priced $100+
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We offer 20% discount when purchasing more than 1 license (which will be applied as soon as you add to cart).
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Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

This is one of the best SEO tools you can get for your shop!

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You can see it working on our site.

Information and Features

Module uses the Search Engine recommended "301 Redirect" to redirect all duplicate URLs to the default Friendly URL and prevent any Search Engine duplication penalty.

It redirects old non- Friendly URLs
(I.E to ).

It redirects old Friendly URL names
(I.E to

It redirects all deleted or invalid URLs to the homepage (for product, category, CMS, supplier and manufacturer pages).

It redirects the URL of the default language in Prestashop 1.2+
(I.E to

It redirects index.php to the shop's URL
(I.E to

It redirects Products, Categories, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and CMS pages.

It redirects extra variables on product listing pages such as /11-category-name?orderby=name&orderway=asc (Only for Search Engines)

Redirects Invalid URLs caused by a buggy Canonical URL module

Redirects search engines from Cart + Order pages (prevent search engines from creating ghost carts).

Change Log

V1.1 (01/07/10)
Default language redirect (only available in PS 1.2).
Index.php and index.html redirect.


V1.1.2 (01/14/10)
Fixes minor issues with redirect and extra variables.
(I.E Term and conditions from the checkout process was not opening up in a thickbox properly).


V1.1.4 (01/25/10)
Fixes a bug with “Send to friend” which was not opening up properly.

    V1.1.9.2 (07/31/10)
    Removes id_lang, isolang, and other redirect improvements.


    V1.2 (10/18/10)
    Major new feature to redirect Product Listing URLs with extra variables (only for Search Engines).
    It should be used together with the modification in


    V1.2.1 (12/09/10)
    Extra variables redirection on manufacturer and supplier pages.
    Redirection fix for Location Detection 1.5 (?redirected).


    V1.2.2 (01/01/11)
    Fix for bad URLs caused by the Canonical URL module (IE
    Bug fix for URLs with spaces in variables (IE space ).


      V1.2.3 (01/15/11)
      New condition to redirect by page name rather than id variable (for product, category, supplier, manufacturer and cms).


      V1.2.5 (03/17/11)
      Support for PS 1.4
      Redirect pre-PS1.4 language URLs (IE /lang-en/2-music-ipods to /en/2-music-ipods).


      V1.2.7 (03/28/11)

      Redirect old CMS pages (IE /content/4-about-us to /en/content/4-about-us).
      Redirect the default language homepage URL from /en/ to / (only when Canonical redirect is disabled).
      Redirect all HTTPS pages to HTTP for search engines.


      V1.2.8 (04/13/11)
      Bug fix from last version on PS1.3 for search engine redirect of new products, best seller and special pages.
      Bug fix for CMS redirect on PS1.4 when only 1 language is active.
      New override code for PS1.4. (fixes search engine redirect for send to a friend pages) .


      V1.2.9 (04/25/11)
      Improved override code for PS1.4


      V1.3 (01/02/12)
      Redirect search engines from Cart + Checkout pages (Prevent them from creating ghost carts).
      Added installation Self Checker (PS 1.4+)
      Optimized override code. 
      Added upgrade notification.

      V1.3.1 (01/27/12) 
      Added redirect to homepage for all deleted or invalid product, category, CMS, supplier and manufacturer (to avoid 404 errors and duplicate content).


      V1.3.2 (04/29/12) 
      Added a temporary 302 redirect to homepage for all disabled product, category, CMS, supplier and manufacturer (to avoid 404 errors and duplicate content).
      Optimized FrontController.php
      Added redirect from / to /xx/ when adding a second language to PS.


      V1.3.3 (05/02/12)
      Incorrent FrontController.php was included.


      V1.3.4 (05/03/12)
      Fix for a language redirect (from V1.3.2)
      Added debug capability (in redirect() function)


      V1.3.5 (09/19/12)
      Support for PS 1.5
      Improved override file copy check.

      V1.4 (02/02/13)
      Added support for Schemas of URLs (PS 1.5)
      Redirecting disabled products and categories to parent category.
      If more than 1 language was enabled, and then disabled, URLs will be redirected (from /en/... to /)
      Automatically disabled Canonical URLs (which is replaced by the module)

      V1.4.1 (02/22/13)
      Fixed a bug with different languages in multistore.
      Fixed a bug with redirect of unfriendly URLs (PS 1.5)
      Fixed a bug with currency change.
      Updated FrontController for PS 1.5

      V1.4.2 (03/07/13)
      Fix for pagination.
      Added redirect for renamed / moved products using Schemas of URLs (Prestashop was returning 404).

      V1.4.3 (04/07/13)
      Added redirect to the default language for URLs of a deleted / disabled language.
      Fixed CMS redirect bug for additional languages in PS 1.4 and lower.

      IMPORTANT FIX affecting redirect of modules from V1.4.3


      V1.4.5 (07/14/13)
      Added "Status" header, to avoid conflict with "Location" header in certain servers.
      Updated header text for 302 redirect.


      V1.5 (03/17/14)
      Added support for PrestaShop 1.6
      Added redirect for old product and category pages which were identified by PS as "page not found"


      V1.5.1 (10/16/14)
      Removed redirect from https to http for search engines
      Fixed issue with disabled product preview from the backend

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        2013-03-12 van hung n. Hi
        thank you for this module, it is a good module,
        service after sell very fast.
        2012-10-08 Teresa L. URL Redirect Many Thanks to Tomer
        The quickly response, and help to installing the new module made me gain confidence as a customer.
        Very Professional !
        2012-05-10 david s. Que dire un module utile et de bonne qualité un service client réactif et compétent. J'ai déjà acheter plusieurs modules et tous été d'excellente qualité et à un prix vraiment raisonnable.
        2012-02-28 Cata C. Good This module resolve for me one big SEO problem on my shop
        2011-08-05 Boris R. Excellent ! J'ai presta et j'ai des noms de domaines en .net .fr et .com. Et j'ai le bug sur le module "canonical d'origine de presta.
        Ce module fait absolument tout ! Il a résolu tout mes problèmes.. I love it.
        2011-07-13 Paul W. The best $25 you'll ever spend probably the best Prestashop module I've come's that good!
        2011-07-08 Adrian R. Thanks presto-changeo I had a problem with the module, but them fixed in the act. extremely fast
        works perfect
        thank you very much
        2011-05-25 lucas L. great module! A must have module. Solved all url problems on our store
        2011-02-24 hu Y. Excellent module, je viens d'acheter ce module, enfin j'ai resole mon probleme, en plus il est pas cher!!!
        J'ai installe sur:
        2011-01-17 Daniel P. Perfect module for removing duplicate url issues. Highly recomending this module. Thanks.
        2010-11-17 Anke S. 12 points. worked out of the box and fixed my errors. finally I can rename friendly URL without worrying about bad links. worth every pence! and yes, make sure you deinstall that crappy canonical URL module in PS, caused only errors on my site. Now I'd only like to have have a 404 rewrite which still logs the (bad) referring site...
        2010-11-16 Jerome P. Excellent. High Recommanded for every serious Prestashop e-shop. You should buy this module.

        Very Cool !
        2010-08-11 Adi B. worked a treat.. thanks :)
        2010-07-01 Mark T. Excellent Module. The canonical url module that comes with prestashop didn't work for me. This module duplicate url redirect worked out of the box.

        Thumbs Up!
        2010-06-29 Josh Q. I buy this module 1 months ago. Right now the google webmaster tool show me no duplicate url at all! And it works even with my new host by ngixn! My website is, you guys should buy this module!
        2010-03-30 Richard M. Great module did wonders for my site
        A must if your into seo for your shop!
        2010-03-12 Liviu I. Very good module, easy to install, no more problems and Tomer is very helpful
        2010-02-11 Wassila M. Excellent module, J'ai enfin résolu le problème !
        I finally solved the problem!

        2010-01-26 Adrian N. Excellent module. It has helped improve my Google ranking. My links are now displayed as "prestashop-modules/8-ajax-accordion-sliding-categories.html" in Google instead of like "product.php?id_product=8", which makes it easier for customers to find my products.
        2010-01-07 Doug K. Awesome product! Worth much more...will give you a better Google Ranking! had a small problem with install...mostly because I am a newbie and they got right back with me and walked me through the install... A++!

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