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Reviews 12
Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Looking for a PS 1.7 version? Find it here.

* If you have an earlier version of the module, contact us for a discount on the PS 1.7 version.


Accept credit card payments directly on your checkout page using one of the ecommerce industy's most popular payment gateways,


Use their CIM (Customer Information Manager) service to securely store credit card information, allowing your customers to checkout quickly and easily. Select between's AIM or DPN integration methods; DPN does not require an SSL certificate and is a popular option with many merchants.


NEW: Support for PrestaShop 1.6+ including responsive themes.


Along with variety of configuration options, this module allows you to capture funds or issue refunds directly from the back office Order page.


Presto Changeo is a preferred Certified Solutions Partners of

Authorize.Net Certified Solution

Information and Features Payment module using their AIM or DPM (DPM does not require any PCI compliance on your end) API method.

More information about each API can be found at

CIM Support added in v1.7: Give customers the option to save their credit/debit card information for easy checkout on future order using's CIM (Customer Information Manager) service.

With CIM in use, a new 'Edit Saved Credit Cards' section is added to the My Account area of your website where customers can add/edit/delete saved payment info.

Payment form is fully responsive and looks great on mobile screens with PrestaShop 1.6+ mobile themes

Embed payment page directly in the checkout page + Refund / Capture orders directly from the orders tab in the backoffice.

Choose between Authorization and Capture, or Authorization only and Capture later (when you are ready to ship).

You can later capture any amount directly from the configuration page.

You can void unsettled transactions or refund full / partial orders directly from the configuration page.

Get email notification of any failed transactions (great to help detect & prevent fraud attempts).

You can choose the type of credit card you accept and their name & logo will automatically appear in the payment selection page.

Change Log

V1.0.4 (04/25/10)
Bug fix when more than 30 items are added to the cart.

V1.0.5 CRITICAL UPDATE (05/10/10)
Fix for RMA (was getting refunded at the start of the process).
Tax added to refunds (only when applied to the original order).
Fix that was preventing refunds for card ending in 0xxx (last 4 digits starting with 0).


V1.0.6 CRITICAL UPDATE (06/25/10)
Fixes a payment error for products costing more than 999, and for product names in foreign languages.


V1.0.7 (07/05/10)
Fixes a problem placing orders for products using UTF-8 characters in the name.

V1.0.8 (09/22/10)
Submit button is disabled after the first click.
Transaction ID + last 4 digits of the card are saved with the order.


V1.0.9 (01/09/11)
Fix for order total smaller than $1
Added country field and sending shipping info + IP address to


V1.1 (03/17/11)
Authorization only / capture transaction later (in configuration page).
Refund any amount (in configuration page).
Support for PS 1.4


V1.2 (08/12/11)
Added credit card validation check before submitting (using Javascript)
Added confirmation of refunds (transaction ID).
Bug fix with product names sent in reciept (to shop owner) .
AVS and CVV response codes are saved in an order message.


V1.3 (08/22/11)
Support for the new DPM method (does not require any PCI compliance on your end).
Added automatic module update notification.


V1.4 (10/08/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Added option for Test mode (in product account & test account)
Send phone number & company to

V1.4.2 (12/26/12)
Fixed a display issue in PS 1.4.2
Fixed a currency conversion issue in PS 1.5 DPN mode.

V1.4.3 (01/17/13)
Fixed state selection (was clashing with certain other modules)
Fixed a backward compatibility issue with logged users (PS 1.4 or older).

V1.5 (03/19/13)
Added option to embed the payment page in the checkout page.
Added option to refund / capture directly from the backoffice order page.

V1.5.1 (03/27/13)
Capture transaction from orders page fixed.

V1.5.2 (04/30/13)
Added support for new currencies (CAD & GBP)

Added option to send customer's email to (required for UK shops).
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).


V1.5.4 (08/02/13)
Fix for tax and shipping amounts sent to


V1.5.5 (08/27/13)
Fixed failed transaction notification in DPN mode (was sending emails for approved transactions).
Developer account now uses live mode (Sandbox)


V1.5.6 (09/23/13)
Sending Cell Phone to if Home Phone not entered
Failed transaction notification email now shows the address used in the payment form + last 4 digits of the card used


V1.6 (03/17/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.6.1 (10/02/14)
Fixed "Please Wait..." payment confirmation button text
Fixed potential refund issue with multishop
Fixed horizontal scroll in DPN mode


V1.6.2 (01/13/15)
Fixed Country + State in DPN mode (was sending PS ID and not iso code)


V1.7 (06/22/15) CIM (Customer Information Manager) support added to allow for secure storage of customer payment info
*Price increase


V1.7.1 (07/09/15)
Fixed: sending Firstname and Lastname for CIM
Fixed: Show CIM option as disabled when DPN mode is used


V1.7.2 (07/15/15)
Fix for sending shipping address for CIM


V1.7.3 (07/28/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1


V1.7.4 (02/22/16)
Switched to the new Akamai server (faster response time)
Fix for character encoding for CIM


V1.7.5 (087/09/16)
Fixed bug related to CIM in PrestaShop 1.4
Fix for populating address in DPN mode
Fix for credit card logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the difference between this module, and the module that comes with Prestashop


A) Our module supports 2 methods of using, AIM, and DPM which submits directly to and does not require any PCI compliance on your end (more info available at

Our module can issue a void / refund for any amount directly from the backoffice (orders page), it also keeps a record of the Transaction ID to ensure it went through correctly.

It has a Javascript card validation before sending a request to to reduce the chance of entering incomplete or incorrect credit card info (since you get charged for every failed attempt).

It offers an option to do Authorization first and Capture later (for the same amount or lower).

Module Reviews

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2016-02-29 Greg B. It Just Works Are you struggling to get a payment module that works with Forget about the others, this one goes to 11!
2014-10-10 Mark W. I can\'t believe my eyes! I was expecting something to go wrong, but everything was flawless! maybe I got lucky but the other two mods I purchased at the same time (USPS and UPS ship mods), went off without a hitch too! I love being able to void or capture from the order page and I can do it after I view the IP address verification (free mod I downloaded here), that is on the same page and can be at least a little more confident that it is a legitimate order! Keep up the good work Presto Chango! and thank you.
2013-12-11 rodney E. Perfect Fought with the free module for too long. Set up this one in 5-6 minutes. Tip of the hat, Presto Changeo.
Excellent product! Thank you.

2012-08-21 Ryan D. Excellent! I just purchased this module today and I feel like it was a great use of money! I was experiencing this, "An unrecoverable error occured: Missing parameter" while trying to use presta's module in IE9. My only regret is that I did not spend this money earlier, as I probably would have made it back easy!
2012-01-10 Greg R. Works great! This module works absolutely fantastic! However, I would like to make one recomendation. It would be nice if a "Capture" was inserted into each order, perhaps in the "Messages" section. It would be a huge time saver than having to go into the Modules section to capture the transaction. The module works great, this is really just a wish list item. Thanks for all your support Tomer!
2011-11-07 Joao S. Perfecti Module Nice Work... No need SSL !
2011-05-04 Matt P. Great Module and Support! Had some issues with v1.0.8 so I contacted presto-changeo. They offered great help and gave me the updated version for free! Even after I installed the new version I had some issues. So I e-mailed them back and they got right back to me and discovered that it was a setting on my side. So not only did they help me with their side, but they helped me with a problem on my side!! Great product, and great support!
2010-11-01 Damian S. Thank you for the great support! The module works perfectly!
2010-10-07 Alisa T. This purchase was probably one of my best investments. Great module. Saved me hours, no - DAYS of frustration. Thank you!
2010-09-10 Bharadwaj C. It was really a great module. The best we can say is customer support. We had an issue with account settings in Tom helped us all through the way to solve the issue. Thank You Tom.
2010-05-19 Martin E. Great module; well-written. I also had a slight issue (Server didn't have the Curl library installed). I had a lightning-fast response in the e-mail and everything was fixed quickly. Great work!
2010-04-17 Steve D. Great Module! Easy to install. Easy to navigate. Awesome customer support, Had a small issue, Tomer emailed me back within 15 minutes with a solution! Great Job! Thank You.

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