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Sage Pay (Payment +Token System) V1.6.3

Sage Pay (Payment +Token System)

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We offer 20% discount when purchasing more than 1 license (which will be applied as soon as you add to cart).
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Reviews 16
Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Options to embed the payment form directly in the checkout page, submit refunds from the back office Order page, use Sage Pay's Server integration method (in seamless iFrame) or redirect to the Sage Pay site and more make this a customer favorite. Plus, we're a Sage Pay Digital Agency Partner.


NEW: Support for Sage Pay Token System lets your customers save their payment info to make checkout easier than ever before. Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.

Information and Features

Sage Pay UK Payment module using their recommended Server method in a seamless iFrame or using a redirect to Sage Pay's site

NEW Support for Sage Pay Token System lets your customers save their payment info, making checkout easier than ever before.

NEW Embed payment page directly in the checkout page + Refund / Capture orders directly from the orders tab in the backoffice.

NEW Added option to receive email notification of failed transactions to help prevent fraud.

You can void unsettled transactions or refund full / partial orders directly from the orders page

You can choose the type of credit card you accept and their name & logo will automatically appear in the payment selection page.

If you don't have a SapePay account yet, you can Apply for one here

Sign up for a Sagepay Account.
and get a 20% off voucher for this module (just send us the Vendor ID you used to sign up).
* ONLY for new signups from our affiliate link.

Change Log

V1.0.2 (04/25/10)
Bug fix when product name had a colon (:)


V1.0.3 CRITICAL UPDATE (05/10/10)
Fix for RMA (was getting refunded at the start of the process).
Tax added to refunds (only when applied to the original order).


V1.0.5 (09/10/10)
IMPORTANT BUG FIX – Discounts were not being applied to the price.


V1.0.6 (09/12/10)
Extra security measure.
Creates a private order message with the last 4 digits of the card that was used.

V1.0.8 (01/10/11)
Bug fix for states (only sent for US).
Fix for currency conversion.


V1.1 (03/15/11)
Support for redirection to Sagepay (instead on an iFrame).
Support for PS 1.4


V1.2 (04/08/11)
Bug Fix for US billing address
Fixed order message notice for PS1.4


V1.2.1 (05/31/11)
Fix for order failure confirmation page (PS1.4)


V1.2.2 (08/12/11)
Fix for accented characters.
Fix for delivery address (was identical to biling)
Added option to create a transaction log on server.


V1.2.3 (03/04/12)
Fix for 3D secure (disable was not being applied properly).
Added URL encoding to data sent to Sagepay.
Added automaic upgrade notification.

Support for PS1.5
Full / Partial refunds from the configuration page of the module.
Fix for cases where a timeout would occur after Sagepay notifies PS the transaction was complete and before Sagepay would get a confirmation.

Fix for backwards compatibility with PS 1.5
Trim last name to 20 characters (Sagepay limit).
Clearing any Prestashop output in orderSuccessful.php (in case other modules had output / notices, which would mess us the response to Sagepay)

V1.3.2 (01/29/13)
SSL fix for PS 1.5
Improved backward compatibility and 1.5 support.
Improved refund system.
Removed debug code from last version.

V1.4 (04/01/13)
Added option to embed the payment page in the checkout page.
Added option to refund / capture directly from the backoffice order page.


V1.4.1 (07/10/13)
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).
Fix for receiving payments from countries without postcodes
Fix for orders with vouchers in Prestashop 1.5 (order total did not match).


V1.5 (12/10/13)
Added support for SagePay Token System
Updated for Sage Pay API v3.0
* Price Increase


V1.5.1 (12/23/13)
Fixed a problem with character encoding (from V1.5)


V1.5.2 (01/07/14)
Support for orders under £1 (was not previously allowed by Sagepay).


V1.6 (04/21/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.6.1 (08/12/14)
IMPORTANT Fix for token payments, where in some cases the transaction would get "reset"


V1.6.2 (07/28/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1


V1.6.3 (09/24/15)
Fixed an issue with successful orders (without 3D secure) getting redirected to failed transaction page
Fixed an issue with timed out transactions not getting the correct response when called again by Sagepay

Module Reviews

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2013-05-27 Meryl F. Amazing module Great module, it's very easy to use and the customer suppport is fast and very helpful. Thanks a lot!
2013-05-15 ANTHONY A. Love the inframe + low profile Oh wow, love the sagepay inframe with the low profile setting. This has solved the problem of redirect to sagepay pages and the confusing layout they use. Hopefully we will not get so many closed browsers and ruined transactions now. Great piece of work!
2013-01-13 ANTHONY A. Great module I made the error of testing whilst my site was in maintenance mode. Once I switched to live it worked perfectly. Thank you!!
2012-12-02 Andrew K. Great Module and even better Support Thanks so much for such a great module Tomer, and thanks even more for the amazing support.
2012-09-18 Fred R. Perfect The module works great, it is easy to use, well priced (compare it with other payment module on the Prestastore...) and the support from Tomer is truly second to none!! Very highly recommended.
2011-10-18 Dan S. AMAZING! Absolutely amazing - another seamless module by Tomer. Thanks so much.
Works 'out of the zip' with little setup at all. As always, Tomer online and helped me solve the one problem I had (due to my own error).

Module incorporates a secure iframe INSIDE your website so your customer never has to leave your site.
(Also has functionality for sending customers to SagePay)

A very good way of achieving a professional payment gateway at a minimal cost.

Thanks Tomer!
2011-08-11 Mark R. Fantastic Module! Absolutely fantastic, simple to install, works brilliantly & superb fast support from Tomer

Thank you!
2011-03-10 andrew R. Absolutley Brilliant paid for it at 3.00pm by 3.15pm i was taking payments through sage pay.
Had one snag and tomer sorted it!
Thanks again Tomer....
2011-01-21 Jason Z. Fantastic module - makes it easy for our customers to pay with sagepay without leaving our website - great support!!!
2010-10-07 Lisa M. Fantastic module and Tomer's support is second to none!
2010-09-23 Marius C. Customer support one of the best I have seen ever.

Thank you once again Tomer.
2010-08-03 Lynette B. Thank you for the amazing customer service - near instantanious replies and very helpful!
2010-06-11 Leo S. Excellent Module....and Excellent Service...Highly recommended.
I am very Happy with the module functionality and the service I received.

Tomer is a Quality Professional to work with....

Many Thanks Tomer for all your Support.


2010-05-31 Mark J. Brilliant module and support thank you...
2010-04-27 Paul A. Fantastic module.
Tomer's support is second to none.
Thank you very much.
2010-04-22 Jaime W. Thanks Tomer, works perfect!

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