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Offline Credit Card V1.5.2

Offline Credit Card


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Change Log
Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Any business that uses PrestaShop and needs to collect credit card information first and process the transactions later needs a safe, secure way of doing so. Our module is PCI compliant to give you the tools you need and your customers peace of mind.


NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 including Responsive Payment Form

Links to Demo

FRONT OFFICE DEMO (PrestaShop 1.6):

Information and Features

Collect Credit Card information for offline processing.

* NEW embed payment form directly in the checkout page, plus display and delete credit card info directly in the admin Order page..

The credit card information is encrypted in the database in compliance with PCI DSS rules.

You have the option to collect CVV value, make sure the laws in your country permit storing CVV info.

You can look up the order information directly from the configuration page of the module.

You can download a CSV file with all the order information for a given order ID range.

You can delete the stored credit card information for a given order ID range.

Change Log

V1.1 (04/18/11)
Added option to collect CVV info.


V1.1.1 (05/03/11)
Bug fix from the previous version, missing a database field for CVV.


V1.2 (08/12/11)
Added Credit Card validation (using Javascript) .
Added order amount to CSV export and on screen display.


V1.2.1 (09/13/11)
Fixed total amount in export file (was showing the total of the first order to all the rest).
Added upgrade notification.

V1.3 (11/23/12)
Support for PS 1.5


V1.3.1 (11/25/12)
Fix for SSL (in PS 1.5)

V1.3.2 (02/09/13)
Fix for state selection.
Updated backwards compatibility.

V1.4 (05/03/13)
New option to embed payment form in the checkout page.
New option to display and delete CC info directly in the admin order page.
** Module Price increased.


V1.5 (04/28/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.5.1 (10/02/14)
Fixed "Please Wait..." payment confirmation button text


V1.5.2 (10/13/14)
Added option to validate specific card numbers, only card you select in the module config page will be accepted in the front end
Fixed required CVV option (was not requiring the field)

Module Reviews

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2015-02-09 Peter R. A must-have-module if you already have a merchant account Been using this for a while now and it basically does what it says on the tin. If you already have the ability to process and validate credit cards then this is the module for you.
2011-12-16 Dwayne D. Great Module Awesome module and works great. Wish I could see the cc info on the order page but its not for obvious reasons. Regardless the module is perfect and works flawlessly.
2011-11-01 Ryan W. Excellent Module This is a great module to have. I am a "newbie" user and presto changeo's customer serice is prompt, curtious, and VERY helpful. No worries here.
2011-09-03 James R. A Great Module People don't always like to join paypal or just want to leave their card. This fits the bill for us, we process via a Virtual terminal CC service it also allows us to adjust shipping to give customers the best deal so we often charge less for the order. Get service too with any issue A+ keep 'em coming!
2011-05-16 Drew H. a good module to have we already had a merchant account and a way to process credit cards set up. prestashop didn't offer a way of taking credit cards in an offline manner (i.e. just store the order and card information until a human could process it). this module enabled us to retain our existing way of doing business while utilizing prestashop.

visit our website at
2011-04-19 Shane P. one of my favorite modules This module is essential for those merchants who deal in high risk with low to medium volume that want to reduce fraud. This module is also key for those merchants who already have a credit card terminal or virtual terminal and don't want to add a gateway costing more money.

For us it enabled us to verify card holder info before we even ran the transaction thus stopping fraudsters buying high dollar merchandise and being able to avoid paying costly 2 way interchange fees to refund a fraudulent purchase after the transaction already batched out.

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