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Attribute Wizard Pro V1.8.0.1

Attribute Wizard Pro


* Not compatible with PrestaShop Cloud.

You can copy attributes from one product to another product or category!
This module requires core code changes, it also loads attribute combinations for products in a different way (instructions are found in the configuation page)

It currently does not work with the Wishlist module or adding products to orders (in PS 1.5.x)

Nous sommes heureux de fournir une assistance à l'installation gratuite d'un temps et le plein soutien à l'achat de n'importe quel module (ne comprend pas la personnalisation de module, ou l'intégration avec 3rd party modules.).

D'autres demandes d'assistance d'installation, telles que le module / Prestashop mettre à jour ou la suppression accidentelle de fichiers, il faudra une taxe:.
    - $25 pour les modules prix $0 - $99
    - $50pour les modules prix $100+
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1 Licence
Chaque module est livré avec une licence pour être utilisé sur une boutique (développement / test + environnement réel).

Si vous avez besoin d'utiliser le module sur plus d'un magasin (serveurs distincts ou configuration Multishop), vous auriez besoin d'acheter une licence supplémentaire pour chaque magasin

Nous offrons 20% de réduction lors de l'achat de plus de 1 licence (qui sera appliqué dès que vous ajoutez au panier).
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Changer Connexion
Testé sur Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

Our most popular and highly rated module adds unmatched power and flexibility to the PrestaShop platform, helping you do things that were not possible before! By default, PrestaShop limits you to around 1000 total combinations. That is not nearly enough for thousands of shops around the world. This is your solution, with many added benefits!


*Using a previous version? Pay only the price difference to upgrade by selecting 'AWP v1.8 Upgrade' from the dropdown on this page!


With Attribute Wizard Pro v1.8, you can now structure combinations in several different ways. Two of these structures support Connected Attributes!


Structure 1: The "original" Attribute Wizard Pro Structure allows you to create an unlimited number of attributes per product by changing the way combinations are handled by PrestaShop.


Structure 2: Using PrestaShop's Default Combination Structure + Attribute Wizard Pro, you can continue to use the default PrestaShop combination generator while enjoying many of this module's most popular features such as Disable / Hide Unavailable Combinations, layered attributes images, and the ability to input attributes using textbox, textarea, file upload, radio buttons and more.


Structure 3: Connected Attributes with Attribute Wizard Pro lets you connect certain attributes while managing a large number of total combinations. With connected attributes, the user's attribute selection in one attribute group can impact the options available in another attribute group on the front-end, a feature that can be useful in many situations.


Using any of these combination structures, the module lets you display attributes them as Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown, Textbox, Quantity Textbox, Textarea, and file upload.


Use layered attribute images for full customization effect in your front office product images.


By changing the way Prestashop handles attributes, this best-in-class module has allowed shops around the world to offer their customer's a unique experience not possible otherwise.

Liens vers DEMO





URL: http://demo.presto-changeo(DOT)com/awp1.8/a (replace '(DOT)' with a '.')
Password: demodemo

Information et des caractéristiques

Using the "original" Attribute Wizard Pro (AWP) combination structure which has made this module a best-seller for 5+ years, the module bypasses the PrestaShop Attribute Combination Generator and lets you create an UNLIMITED number of attributes per product! This feature has made this one of the most valuable PrestaShop modules in the world.

Connected Attributes are now supported in multiple configurations. One approach uses the default PrestaShop combination structure (and default combination generator) alongside this module, and the second approach uses a newly developed combination structure that supports connected attributes and a large number of total attributes. See our demos and screenshots above for more informatiion about these options.

As in all previous versions, v1.8 of this module lets you completely changes the way attribute combinations are used in PrestaShop.

You can choose to display attributes as Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Down Menus, Textbox, Textarea, File Upload, and Quantity textbox.

Option to set Drop Down menus, Radio Buttons and Image Attributes as Required.

Option to define 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' for Check Box attributes (example: "Select between 2 and 4 of the following options:") to ensure customers select everything needed to fill an order.

Support for attributes in URLs is now available; use URLs to load a page with a pre-selected set of product attributes.

Use attribute layered images to create an interactive and highly visual front office experience, showing your customers what their attributes selections look like in real time.

Textbox and Textarea attribute types can have a character limit and be mandatory fields (as well as file upload)

You can use an image next to each attribute group and add a description as well (with HTML in the description).

You can use Attribute Color / Texture.

You can have attribute options open in a popup or on the product page.

You can control the order of attribute groups and items, and display multiple options in the same line.

The price impact will be displayed next to each option and will automatically reflect changes.

Prestashop Forum thread:

Translated to French and Spanish

*If you do not need to use a large number of attributes per product, or layered attributes images, or a few of the other features this module offers, you may be able to use the regular Attribute Wizard for basic front office customization.

Nominated for best module in Barcamp3

Changer Connexion

Compatibility with Prestashop V1.1


V1.0.5  Critical Update (03/19/10)
Bug fix when adding the same item more than one to the cart.
Code changes to resolve a problem with IE which was freezing when many attribute items were used (200+).
Added option to disable “Add to cart” buttons on non-product pages when a required field is used, or when attributes are used.


V1.1 (03/28/10)
Attribute Copy – copy attributes from one product to another, or to a category (to all the products inside).
Description bug fix when changing languages.
Checkout problem for products without attributes (only on certain servers).
Bug fix for attributes with ‘ in them.


V1.1.3 (04/14/10)
Bug fix for attribute copy when copying attributes from a product to a category that contains the source product.


V1.2 (06/03/10)
PS1.3 compatibility.
Quantity Group.
Price display options (none, difference, total).
Textures open up in a thickbox when clicked.
Various bug fixes.


V1.2.1 (07/15/10)
Minor fix to google checkout in PS1.3


Modified core files are now updated for Prestashop V1.3.1


V1.2.2 (08/22/10)
Major changes in the add to cart process (code wise), prices are now calculated using php on the server rather than Javascript.
Currency change for “Total” price display.
Total price bug fix on product page for non default currencies.
Special characters are handled correctly (& in particular).
Much faster Total impact calculation when using a large number of attributes.
Option to hide the add to cart button when not in product page.
Attribute order no longer resets when adding a new attribute item.
Product thumbnail does not disappear when selecting an attribute with no image.
Product reference stays visible.
Availability showing even when stock is hidden.
New dedicated hook added, to allow for placing the Wizard in a new place on the product page. (requires uninstalling the previous version)


V1.2.2.1 (09/12/10)
Minor fixes to Reference display, Stock message display and multiple currency price impact display.

Ability to make the attribute impact including or excluding tax.
Bug fix for an existing Prestashop bug which displayed a wrong price impact when taxes are not used.
Modified file for PS 1.3.2
Bug fix for a single text box / text area / file upload which was not showing the proper quantity.
Bug fix for additional availability display (at the bottom of the wizard).
Ability to have a quantity group with 0 as the default quantity.


V1.2.4 (11/18/10)
Price impact currency conversion fix (when displaying attribute price difference).
Price impact tax calculation fix (for newly added option to exclude tax from attribute impact).
Modified files for PS 1.3.1 updated (Fix from AWP 1.2.3).


V1.2.5 (12/13/10)
Added Character limit for text box and text area.
Fixed attribute name align for text box and text area.
Added modified files for PS 1.3.3


V1.2.6 (12/31/10)
Support for PS 1.3.4 and 1.3.5


V1.2.7 (01/23/11)

Support for PS 1.3.6
Bug fix for attribute price impact under $1

V1.2.8 (02/25/11)
Modified files for PS 1.3.7


V1.2.8.1 (03/01/11)
French and Spanish translations.

Support for PS 1.4


V1.3.1 (03/31/11)
Bug fix from version 1.3 for Prestashop lower than 1.4
Fix for a price bug on FO for PS 1.3
Fix for modified file for PS 1.3.7
Fix for undefined notices.


V1.3.2 (04/27/11) 
Support for PS 1.4.1.
Availability display bug fix (PS 1.4).
Price impact fix with currency conversion.
Minimal quantity fix.
Attribute sorting fix (PS 1.4).
Ordering beyond the stock level fix.


V1.3.3 (05/01/11)
Bug fix for attribute group description (not saved) in PS 1.4.1


V1.3.4 (05/31/11)
Support for PS 1.4.2
Fix for custom AWP hook.


V1.3.5 (06/02/11)
Fixed a JS alert the was preventing adding two attribute from the same group (PS1.4.2).
Custom hook is not automatically assigned, to prevent a clash with the default hook.


V1.3.6 (06/23/11)
Support for PS 1.4.3
Fix for ordering of attribute groups.
Fix for attributes with ' in them (PS bug which was fixed in V1.4.3)


V1.3.7 (07/30/11)
Support for PS 1.4.4
New option not to override "Add to Cart" with Customize".


V1.4 (09/30/11)
Added the ability to edit products from the cart.
Added the ability to hide / disable out of stock products.
Fix product thumbnail to match the combination image (when adding to cart).
Fix for price impact / taxes  (include / exclude).
Added automatic upgrade notification.
Updated French translations.


V1.4.1 (10/18/11)
Support for PS 1.4.5.
Fix for thumbnail in cart.
Added Dutch translations.
Fix for potential encoding issues in PS 1.3 and lower.


V1.4.2 (11/25/11)
Support for PS 1.4.6.
Fix for adding the same product with attributes to the cart (was showing as a new product rather than update the quantity).
Fix for price difference display for checkbox, textbox, textarea and file upload.
Fix for special characters being added to the cart (+ ').
Fix for quantity / price update in top nav (blockuserinfo) when block cart is not active.


V1.4.3 (12/12/11)
Fix for file uploads with spaces or special characters.
Fix for file upload display in Orders Admin interface.
Fix for cart quantity change (PS 1.3 & 1.2)


V1.4.4 (01/23/12)
Fix for incorrect out of stock error, when product availability is hidden.
Fix for missing radio button for "No Change" to add to cart button.
Fix for potential MYSQL error on primary index fix on PS 1.4.6


V1.4.5 (02/09/12)
Support for PS 1.4.7
Fixed alignment for multiple textboxes.
Fixed a rare installation error (DB table not created properly).


V1.4.6 (05/22/12)
Support for PS 1.4.8
Fixed minimal quantity (was changeable in cart page)
Fixed deleteing on products (attribute info remained in cart for PS 1.4.6 & 1.4.7)


V1.4.7 (07/17/12)
Fix for minimal quantity.
Fix for add to cart animation.
Support for top nav cart (#shopping_cart).
Fix for textbox lable layout (in popup mode).
Fix for ' in text fields (PS 1.4+)


V1.4.8 (09/03/12)
Support for PS 1.4.9
Support for CCC.
Optimized "Hide add to cart" on product pages.

V1.4.8.1 (10/05/12)
Fix for add to cart for PS 1.4.9 (was being disabled after  clicking, and not enabled again due to new jQuery).

V1.5 (11/19/12)
Support for PS 1.5.x (up to 1.5.2)
Using full CSS in front end (instead of a mix of CSS + tables).
Added Attribute Layered Images support (see demo).
Add option to display attributes as a single image selection (no radio button).
Updated scrolling cart functionality.
Added help tooltips inside the configuration page.

V1.5.1 (11/21/12)
Fix for popup mode (selecting an attribute would close it).

V1.5.2 (11/25/12)
Fix for add to cart when stock = 0 and product is set to allow out of stock ordering (PS 1.5)
Renamed modified gcheckout folder, to avoid a fatal error if file is copied when module is not installed.

V1.5.3 (01/07/13)
Support for PS 1.5.3
Fix for random quantity change during checkout (PS 1.5).
Fix for split shipping in PS 1.5

V1.5.4 (03/22/13)
Added support for PS 1.4.10
Fixed support for multistore.
Added support for advanced stock management + warehouse.
Added checkbox support for attribute layered images.
Attribute layered images are now ordered to match the groups (z-index value).
Added option to display attribute layered images in popup mode (adding the product image).
Fix for cart block display when using product with and without attributes.

V1.5.5 (04/01/13)
Support for PS 1.5.4

V1.5.6 (04/22/13)
Fix for ordering of out of stock products.
Fix for disabled add to cart (PS 1.4.10 only)
Fix for updating cart quantity (PS 1.5.4)
Disable add to cart for product with attributes in homepage.


V1.5.7 (07/14/13)
Added support for PS 1.4.11

Updated instructions for overriding modules (when also overridden in the theme folder)
Fixed a potential stock problem when using multishop.
Delete temporary attributes now deletes from new PS 1.5 tables as well.
Disabled attribute image links when using popup mode.
Hiding quantity field when using "Quantity" attribute type (in popup mode).

V1.6 (09/02/13)
Support for PS 1.5.5
Added new "Hidden" group type which allows having 1 attribute for a product not as the default combination (to not automatically apply impact).
Excluding temporary attributes from product page Javascript (PS 1.4+)
Fix for cart quantity check of textbox / textarea (PS 1.4+)
Fix for attribute copy feature.


V1.6.1 (09/25/13)
Fixed Javascript error when layered images are not activated in PS 1.4
Fix for creating custom hook when installing module in PS 1.4.10 and 1.4.11
Removed extra */ from order-opc.js in PS 1.5.5 and PS 1.5.4


V1.6.2 (10/10/13)
Fix for discount price being displayed when there was no discount
Support for PS 1.5.6 (list as first change)
Fix for stock levels when using multistore


V1.6.3 (10/15/13)
Fixed stock problem when using advanced stock, but not with warehouses.
Fixed deprecated imageResize function (PS 1.5)


V1.6.4 (12/06/13)
Fix for attribute sorting from the configuration page
Fix for price impact display (difference) for textbox, textarea and file upload
Fix for attribute copy when target had the same combinations, but a different default combination
Fix for price display (total) when using specific product price and combination impact


V1.7 (04/07/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6+
Removed support for PrestaShop 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3
Updated configuration instructions


V1.7.1 (04/14/14)
Fixed front end Javascript bug (PrestaShop 1.5 only)
Fix for a PS 1.6 bug where group_reduction variable was set to 0


V1.7.2 (04/22/14)
Fixed group discount (PrestaShop 1.6)
Fixed Fancybox when clicking on an attribute images (PrestaShop 1.6)


V1.7.3 (05/08/14)
Fixed PrestaShop 1.6 compatibility with older themes.
Fixed a stock related bug when using warehouse (stock was always 0)


V1.7.4 (07/07/14)
Fixed restocking issue when using warehouses
Fixed incorrect disable / hide of out of stock options (when active per product)
Fixed attribute image fancybox (was opening in a new window in PS 1.6+)
Fixed minimal quantity which was ignored (for attribute type quantity)
Fixed redirect to cart when adding a product to the cart and cart block is disabled
Fix for displaying product reference


V1.7.5 (08/19/14)
Fixed attribute image fancybox display (PrestaShop 1.6+)
Fixed default product reference display (Was missing in certain PrestaShop 1.6+)
Fixed delete from cart block after page refresh (PrestaShop 1.6)
Fixed issue with HTML Purifier which caused order display problems for text + file fields (PrestaShop


V1.7.6 (09/27/14)
Added a "required field" option to drop-down, radio and image attribute types
Added Min / Max selection option for checkboxes
Added support for attributes in URLs


V1.7.7 (10/09/14)
Fixed issue with last release (not all files were updated)
Fixed issue with double image centering (showing a "jump" in the page)


V1.7.8 (01/2/15)
Fix for layered images and checkbox

Fixed price impact on multistore
Fixed FF favicon issue
Updated cart checkout tpl file for PS 1.6
Fixed textbox auto width resize


V1.7.9 (03/11/15)
Fixed new path for attributeBack JS file (PS

Added warning when connecting to the Backoffice using incorrect URL


V1.7.10 (03/13/15)
Added missing attributes.js file for PS >=


V1.7.11 (07/22/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1

Added matching style for additional "Add To Cart" buttons on PS 1.6 themes


V1.7.12 (11/17/15)
Fixed quickview (close after add to cart)
Fixed stock related issues where stock is disabled
Fixed tax display when showing with & without tax
Fixed issue with attribute copy
Fixed issue with add to cart translation


V1.7.13 (02/02/16)
Updated override files for PS 1.6.1
Fixed issue with additional add to cart always showing
Reset image upload after add to cart
Fixed issue with centered attribute images
Fix for 1.6.1 theme (on product quantity change the price would reset)


V1.7.14 (06/09/16)
Security patch


V1.7.15 (06/12/16)
Security patch


V1.8 (08/30/16)
Added support for Connected Attributes
Added support for PrestaShop's defualt combination structure
*Price Increase


V1.8.0.1 (11/07/16)
Fixed Weight impact and stock reductions for connected attributes
Fixed upload button response time
Fixed undefined variable notice

Foire aux questions

Q) Quelle est la différence entre les attributs et les attributs Assistant Assistant Pro


A) L'attribut Assistant Pro (AWP) a été conçu pour gérer un grand nombre d'attributs par produit.

Par défaut, Prestashop ne peut traiter environ 1000 - 3000 combinaisons par produit avant de lancer dans les problèmes de mémoire qui peut rendre la page produit inutilisable.

AWP change la façon dont les combinaisons sont ajoutés aux produits, et vous permet d'utiliser des attributs autant que vous voulez pour chaque produit.


AWP exiger des changements de base pour les fichiers, qui offre une plus grande flexibilité d'affichage d'attribut, vous pouvez utiliser plusieurs case à cocher pour 1 groupe d'attributs, les attributs d'affichage comme une boîte de zone de texte du texte et de téléchargement de fichiers (chacun peut avoir un impact sur ​​les prix), et permet l'utilisation d'une boîte de quantité comme attribut, pour commander des articles multiples en 1 clic.


Les deux modules ont les mêmes capacités d'affichage frontal, vous pouvez utiliser des groupes de couleur autant que vous voulez pour les attributs, et de télécharger une imagepour chaque groupe d'attributs.



Q) Si je ne peux pas utiliser le générateur de combinaison, comment dois-je ajouter mes combinaisons, afin de ne pas prendre des heures?

A) Nous allons prendre un exemple où vous avez six groupes d'attributs avec 10 attributs différents dans chacun d'eux.

Avec le générateur de combinaison, il serait 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 combinaisons.

Avec ce module, chaque association doit avoir 1 ou plusieurs attributs de seulement 1 groupe (la combinaison par défaut est le seul qui devrait avoir une attribut de chaque groupe, car il est seulement utilisé pour définir les attributs qui seront sélectionnés lorsque le client entre la page).
Si elles n'ont pas un impact différent ou de stock, vous pouvez entrer tous les attributs dans une combinaison (cela voudrait dire 6 combinaisons au total + 1 combinaison par défaut).
Si chaque attribut doit avoir ses propres actions et l'impact, vous aurez besoin d'ajouter chaque attribut dans une nouvelle combinaison (6 * 10 = 60 au total combiné + 1 par défaut).


Module avis

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À partir deTitreCommenter
13-02-2014 Tony D. This module purchased to configure products with overlay images triggered from attribute/s image/s. Had difficulty climbing the mountain getting it working, but Presto Changeo support replied within hours then minutes on subsequent questions/answers and all going within hours, nice! The module works perfectly, no page refresh (true png/other overlays that work on apple phone/tablets), constructive interface/tweak pages, very flexible module via many parameter tweaks... and well supported by Presto Changeo. Great job PC and a great module!
08-02-2014 Skaiste E. Thank you so much for fast respond and immediate help!!!! I feel hopeless and have no clue how to do it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You are the best!
17-12-2013 Cédric D. Super Module Super module, fonctionne parfaitement adapté aux déclinaisons en quantités importantes, illimitées !
Service support efficace et réactif.
Bravo Tomer !
18-07-2013 romuald g. Great module ! Working fine, see an example on our website : (look at software)
Fast and reactive support team !

Module efficace, regardez une exemple d'utilisation sur notre site (voir logiciel).
Equipe support efficace et reactive !
04-07-2013 Vladimir M. AWPro Perfect module for those who want easy and reliable way of handling product combinations without the limits of the core combination generator .Great Tech support and after-sale care. Thanks
02-07-2013 Patrick S. Attribute Wizard Pro Great Module. I struggled first regarding the price but the module itself and the fantastic support was it worth! Big thank you to Cristina and Tomer, well done! Would buy it again!
BR, Patrick
26-04-2013 Soumia Z. attribute Wizard Pro is Top Hello

I bought the plugin attribute Wizard Pro and I am very satisfied.

I asked for significant changes to the specificity of my site and Tomer and Cristina have done well for me.

I strongly advice you to work with this site

Thank you very much for your Professional Work

23-02-2013 Dounia A. Merci Merci pour votre service c'est parfait

24-01-2013 Martin C. Super Perfect Product, Perfect Customer Service. Best regards. Martin
10-01-2013 Rainer B. Module Very good module, simple to use and powerfull.
04-01-2013 Binson L. Excellent Excellent Product, Great People, Perfect Customer Service. Well done guys. Keep it up...
03-12-2012 Adam B. GREAT ! This module is great ! Really helpful. Customer service - THE BEST :)
07-11-2012 Thierry T. Thanks AWP! An extraordinary module with a terrible power!
A tool without I can't live anymore now!
And a fast and effective team to help us!
What to say more? Ah, yes, a very big THANK YOU Presto- Changeo!
A French customer happy.
09-10-2012 Charlie H. Wonderful module Attribute Wizard Pro is a very good module. We can offers some custom options in product page, just like the Apple site. Presto-Changeo replied my mails promptly, helped me to solve the problems on my theme files to make the module run properly. I will be Presto-Changeo loyal customer. Thank you!!!
02-08-2012 Peter D. Great Support That a very great modul and technical support, also for dummies is one of the best I saw before. Thanks to the support team.
23-03-2012 Julie B. Julie Fantastic module and great service, worth every cent! Highly recommend it.
04-11-2011 Alizée G. Tant d'un point de vue fonctionnel que d'un point de vue assistance, Tomer est ce que je peux vous conseiller de mieux.
Totalement disponible et patient quel que soit votre niveau il saura vous accompagner si besoin dans la configuration du module.

Alizée G.
26-10-2011 safa a. great module this nodule great and works perfecty. this module can solved too many attributes problem. and fast custermer service by tomer. Do not doubt.
thanks tomer.
03-10-2011 Viet a N. Jack N The module has save alot of my time, Tomer is very helpful and always great support.

I highly recommend this module.

Ones again, Thank you so much Tommer!
19-07-2011 Niek B. Super module, super after sales This module is something everybody should have, works amazingly good. Merci a Tomer for his wonderful support, really fast and good.
28-06-2011 Simon G. LeakyShoes I’d just like to say a big thank you to Tomer for this module and the amazing support provided to me over the last week. This module has been an absolute life saver for me while working on my latest store which has over 5000 products with multiple attributes.

The fact you can copy pre-determined attributes and variations not only to other products but to whole categories has easily saved me a months tedious work.

I found it extremely easy to integrate into my store even though I had only been using Prestashop for a couple of days before I purchased the module. Worth every penny, Thanks Tomer!!
15-06-2011 Dylan M. Fantastic module Absolutely fantastic module. Addresses a critical flaw in an otherwise excellent e-commerce system: the lack of support for multiple attribute field types, and advanced attribute situations. A must have for any advanced PrestaShop site with unique / complex product attributes / combinations.

I know the price seems high at first, but this is one time when I can truly say it's worth it. And Tomer is excellent and very prompt about support requests.

Thanks for all your hard work Tomer!
12-04-2011 Christine C. Great module This module is ideal for products that have many choices. I was able to display choices & options in many different fashions, include a file upload area, have price impact...awesome module and great customer service by Tomer.
31-03-2011 Jaroslav A. Great Fantastic module. I have tousands combinations and Tomer saved my life with this module.

In my native language: Skvelý modul, môžem len odporúčať.
10-02-2011 Chris N. Fantastic module!!! 5*****
This module will save me 8 solid days of adding in combinations for my 1000+ products, cutting it down to just an hour or two.
Well worth the money and highly recommended!
Superb after sales too, helped me (a complete noob at coding) with a few problems that to be honest i caused with lack of knowledge.

23-01-2011 Krzysztof T. Great module. It will make you very happy. Good and honest service. First impression - expensive was realy wrong. It is definately worth it. It's useful and I would say mandatory for Presta users working with attributes.

Extra moduł, warty swoich pieniędzy. Powiem nawet, że jest bardzo tani jak na swoją użyteczność. Obowiązkowa pozycja w sklepach gdzie jest dużo atrybutów, diametralnie poprawia funkcjonalność sklepu i oszczędza czas.
01-01-2011 Christine C. Great module! It has allowed me to quickly and easily create products that my customers can customize. Includes lots of functionality you would pay a developer hundreds or thousands of dollars to implement. Huge time saver. Great support from Tomer.
15-11-2010 Jessica K. Attribute Wizard Pro was a project-saving module. I had a customer with a huge number of attributes and combinations, and no cart I looked at could handle it. Tomer was fantastic helping to troubleshoot the installation. His customer support is excellent. I'd happily buy from him again!
18-10-2010 Herman C. I can't say enough good things about the AWP module and the service from Tomer. The support for this product is outstanding and they have earned customer loyalty from me. Thank you for all your help! I highly recommend doing business with Tomer and Presto-Chango.
14-08-2010 Kim G. A very useful module! Easy to work with and enhances your site tremendously! Very pleased with this! Support is fast as well.
04-08-2010 Didier A. Bonjour,

Suite à l'achat de ce module, je suis très content et surtout de la prestation et disponibilité de Tomer de "presto-changeo" . J'avais besoin d'une petite modification et des questions. Tomer a su répondre rapidement et de façon efficace à ma demande… un grand bravo !


Following the purchase of this module, I am very happy and especially the provision and availability of Tomer "presto-changeo. I needed a small change and questions. Tomer responding quickly and effectively to my request ... a big bravo!
03-08-2010 Verena H. Dieses Modul ist genau das, was ich für meinen Shop gesucht habe!
Super. Danke auch für den schnellen Support.
Die vielen Möglichkeiten lassen fast keine Wünsche offen...

This Module is the one I need for my Shop!
Great! Thanks alot for the support, too.
The wide range of possibilities leave (nearly)no wishes unfulfilled.
03-08-2010 Alex B. Just bought this module last week and it saved my project! When dealing with 168 different fabrics for this clothing store it was GREAT to be able to copy the fabrics combination to each product without manually adding each fabric by hand to a hundred or so different products! Thanks for the great module!
27-07-2010 Per T. I have bought this product, and it works super!
Super support. I hade problems with the module and Onepagecheckout on the same time.
Tomer fixed that for me. Thank you for that.
21-07-2010 Daverio A. Très bon module !!, services et hotline très professionnel et rapide, je remercie Tomer pour
son aide, vraiment parfait

thank you !
17-04-2010 Brian F. This module saved my life!!! I had to sell tickets for a conference and be able to track the participant total in each room of the conference and limit quantities that way (not possible by default with PrestaShop!) Thanks to Tomer who TOTALLY rescued me and even supported the module personally, something very rare in this business! I
15-04-2010 thierry B. Ub grand grand merci a tomer un mec genial toujours dispo rien a dire le module attribute wizard pro genial encore merci
10-04-2010 Dounia A. Superbe module !!!! merci a tomer qui en plus m'a aider ! bravo pour le service et la disponibilité
Ce module va beaucoup me servir moi qui a beaucoup de produit et en plus personnalisable ! un gros + pour le systeme de copiage d'attribut qui va me faire gagner un temps fou !!!
Continu a nous créer des modules comme ca ! je suis preneuse quand ca me facilite la vie et me fait gagné du temps !!

a bientôt
27-03-2010 Borja L. Very goog module!!! i´m very happy with my buy
i suggest you in future version (asap ;)) include filter attribute features showing and hiding attributtes option based on selected attributes ... something similar to customize popup product in
16-03-2010 Gabriel U. The module that has saved lives and that fixes a very large hole prestashop!
Time saving gained considerable.

Some modifying the core files to correct this important issue

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