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Attribute Grid V1.6.5

Attribute Grid

Kami dengan senang hati memberikan waktu satu bantuan instalasi gratis dan dukungan penuh dengan pembelian modul apapun (tidak termasuk kustomisasi modul, atau integrasi dengan modul pihak ke-3.).

Permintaan bantuan instalasi tambahan, seperti modul / prestashop meng-upgrade atau penghapusan file tanpa disengaja, akan memerlukan biaya:.
    - $25 untuk modul harga $0 - $99
    - $50untuk modul harga $100+
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1 Lisensi
Setiap modul dilengkapi dengan lisensi untuk digunakan pada 1 toko (pengembangan / test + lingkungan hidup).

Jika Anda perlu menggunakan modul pada lebih dari satu toko (server terpisah atau setup multishop), Anda akan perlu membeli lisensi tambahan untuk setiap toko

Kami menawarkan diskon 20% ketika membeli lebih dari 1 lisensi (yang akan diterapkan segera setelah Anda add to cart).
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Ulasan 6
Mengubah Log
Diuji pada PrestaShop Versi: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

produk display dengan 1, 2 atau 3 kelompok atribut sebagai kotak dan cepat menambahkan beberapa kombinasi produk dengan 1 kali klik.


BARU: Kompatibel dengan PrestaShop 1,6

Informasi dan Fitur

Ini adalah modul yang besar untuk sebuah toko grosir (tapi dapat digunakan untuk setiap toko). Ini akan menampilkan produk dengan 1, 2 atau 3 kelompok atribut sebagai kotak.

Ini memungkinkan pelanggan dengan cepat menambahkan beberapa kombinasi produk dengan 1 klik, dan melihat semua harga.

Anda juga dapat menggunakan tombol radio dengan cepat memilih kombinasi tanpa memasukkan kuantitas.

Anda dapat mengontrol urutan kelompok (horizontal atau vertikal) dan urutan item atribut.

Anda dapat menampilkan warna atau tekstur (gambar) di sebelah setiap item atribut.

Anda dapat menampilkan grid pada halaman atau di popup.

Anda dapat menambahkan kelompok atribut tambahan, yang akan menggunakan menu drop down.

Ini memungkinkan Anda menyalin atribut dari satu produk ke produk lain, atau kategori (untuk semua produk di dalamnya).

Mengubah Log

V1.1 (01/22/10)
Bug fix when there are too many groups and items (the module was not saving the settings properly).
New option to collapse and expand the groups in the BackOffice interface.


V1.2 (02/13/10)
Ability to display the grid in a popup.
Ability to add a 3rd attribute group in a drop down menu.
Ability to change the color / texture image size.
Products get added to the cart all at once.


V1.3 (07/14/10)
Ability to display the total price for each combination.
Ability to turn on only for certain products.
Attribute Copy Feature.
Non-Existing combinations are hidden.
Out Of Stock combination have a different background color when ordering is allowed (otherwise hidden).
Attribute Textures will open the full size image in a thickbox.
Ability to disable “Add to cart” from category pages.


V1.3.2 (08/10/10)
Ability to use radio buttons to select a combination.
Minor browsers specific bug fixes.


V1.4 (11/23/10)
New grid for products with 1 attribute group.

V1.4.1 (03/16/11)
Support for PS 1.4


V1.4.2 (03/31/11)
Hide empty color block for a single attribute product when the group is not set to color group.
Fix for undefined notices on PS 1.4.


V1.4.3 (04/08/11)
Bug fix for Backoffice drag and drop on PS 1.4 and browsers other than Firefox


V1.4.4 (06/23/11)
When trying to order more items than in stock, only the amount in stock will be added (instead of showing an error message)


V1.4.5 (09/11/11)
Fix for price display (PS 1.4)
Fix for colspan in grid mode.
Added upgrade notification.


V1.5 (10/01/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Option to display stock for each combination.
Optimize code to disable add to cart on product list pages.

V1.5.1 (04/18/13)
Added total price display when using a single attribute group.

Added integration with Quick Shop module
Fix for radio button display in PS 1.4.9+

Fix for older PS versions using Smarty 2

V1.5.2 (05/17/13)
Fixed a Javascript error affecting price impact display


V1.6 (05/01/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6
Fixed total product price display with group discount (without tax)
Added new custom hook + Extra Right hook.
Added option to hide add to cart button + not replace customize text.
Fixed theme compatibility (checking for button / add to cart elements rather than by PS version)
Fixed issue with add to cart being used for multiple products when a customer is not logged. (PS 1.5+)


V1.6.1 (05/28/14)
Added new hook options (ExtraRight + a new custom hook).
Added ability to select a hook directly from the configuration page.
Fixed issue with first add to cart (PrestaShopS 1.6)
Fixed JS error when using PrestaShop 1.6 with a non bootstrap theme.


V1.6.2 (08/08/14)
Fixed large view of attribute images (Was opening in a new window instead of FancyBox)


V1.6.3 (01/28/15)
Removed Out Of Stock notices when stock is disabled
Fixed group reduction prices (PS 1.6)
Fixed Backwards compatibility with PS 1.4
Minor code cleanup


V1.6.4 (03/09/15)
Fixed hook selection from the module


V1.6.5 (07/27/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1
Fixing for displaying total price in PrestaShop 1.6+


V1.6.6 (02/03/16)
Fixed total price with reductions in PrestaShop 1.6+

Ulasan modul

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2013-07-07 Laurent G. excellent installation très facile
simplicité d'utilisation
beaucoup d'option tres utile
merci beaucoup
2010-08-23 LE TOHIC A. Excellent tout simplement!
Simple et efficace!
Merci et bravo!
2010-08-03 Alexandre L. Super module qui offre des fonctions que je recherchais depuis plus de 6 mois et qui offre des bonus inattendues : il ne propose pas de sélectionner un groupe d'attributs qui n'existe pas comme c'est le cas dans la version standard de Prestashop. On peut donc avoir plusieurs produits identiques mais dont les déclinaisons sont différentes, le tout sur une seule page. De plus le support live est super efficace. Je recommande chaudement ce vendeur.

Very good module, better than I expected. And the service is great too.

Thank you Tomer for your work.

2010-07-15 Greg B. I have been literally looking for this mod for years. As a clothing wholesaler, this mod was severely needed and thanks to Tomer, I have not only found it but installed it myself with barely any technical skills.

Now I am up and running for $40 with something that web developers have been trying to charge $2k for, WOW!

Tomer's after sales care is out of this world and not something that you find everyday in this industry ... He must sleep with his live chat on.

I have just become a loyal customer, thanks!
2010-03-20 Sebastiaan B. This script is really superb!

Works very easy and fast. No need to make a lot of atributes and product, with this script I saved a lot of time on the project.

Tomer gives also very fast and good support!
Thanks Tomer you helped me a lot!

2010-03-16 N S. This is a an excellent module and I have been very satisfied with the support I have received from Tomer. I will be buying from him again.

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