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eWAY Australia (Payment) V1.7

eWAY Australia (Payment)

Suntem fericiți pentru a oferi o singură dată de asistență de instalare gratuit și suport complet cu achiziționarea de orice modul (nu include personalizare a modulului, sau integrare cu module 3rd party.).

Cererile de asistență de instalare suplimentare, cum ar fi modul / PrestaShop modernizarea sau ștergerea fișier accidentale, se va solicita o taxă de:.
    - $25 pentru module de preț $0 - $99
    - $50pentru module de preț $100+
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US $100
1 Licență
Fiecare modul are o licență pentru a fi utilizate de la 1 magazin (dezvoltare / testare + mediu viu).

Dacă aveți nevoie să folosiți modulul pe mai mult de un magazin (servere separate sau de configurare multishop), va trebui să achiziționeze o licență suplimentară pentru fiecare magazin

Oferim 20% reducere la achiziționarea de mai mult de 1 licenta (care vor fi aplicate de îndată ce adauga in cos).
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Recenzii 4
Schimbare jurnal
Testat pe PrestaShop Version: 1.4, 1.5 &1.6.x
Informații și Caracteristici

Încorporați formularul de plata in pagina de verificare, sau redirecționa către o pagină dedicată.

Puteți anula tranzacții nedecontate sau rambursare comenzi integrale sau parțiale, direct de pe pagina de comanda.

Singurul lucru de care aveți nevoie pentru acest modul este un ID eWay și un certificat SSL.

PrestaShop Subiect:

Schimbare jurnal

V1.4.1 CRITICAL UPDATE (05/10/10)
Fix for RMA (was getting refunded at the start of the process).
Tax added to refunds (only when applied to the original order).


V1.4.3 (03/16/11)
Bug fix for orders over $999 (payment error in Backoffice even though card is charged properly).
Support for PS 1.4


V1.4.4 (01/23/12)
eWay transaction # is saved as an order message.
Added Javascript validation of credit card number.
Disables the submit button after clicked (to avoid double order).
Added automatic upgrade notification.


V1.4.5 (03/04/12)
Transaction number + Authorization code saved in order message (Fix from previous version where only Authorization code was saved).

V1.5 (12/11/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Refunds are handled from the configuration page (full or partial).

V1.5.1 (02/09/13)
Fix for SSL.
Updated backwards compatibility.

V1.6 (04/19/13)
Added option to embed the payment page in the checkout page.
Added option to refund directly from the backoffice order page.


V1.6.1 (07/1/13)
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).

Fixed a problem with vouchers in different currencies (PS 1.5)


V1.6.2 (08/27/13)
Fixed display of refund amount in backoffice.


V1.7 (07/31/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6

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2014-01-15 Rikka P. great module, easy to install We have been using the eWay module since 2012 and it has been working great. We recently upgraded our version of Prestashop so we needed to upgrade the eWay module. The upgrade was so easy to install and now it is all working well.
2013-07-02 Namo H. Great module & great support The module has been working great and very easy to set up/upgrade. The customer support couldn't be better. Tomer always replies to email very fast. I highly recommended the modules from Presto-Changeo.
2011-07-13 Paul W. Worked flawlessly Anything to do with the payment side of things, you just assume is going to be hard. But this was a piece of cake, and has always worked perfectly for me!
2010-01-27 Prudence S. Awesome module, highly recommended.

I let Tomer test version 1.4 with my shop and he was quick and knowledgeable to find the bugs immediately and got it working quick and efficiently.

Refunds are working great through the backend and so do partial refunds, so version 1.4 is ready to go!

Tomer was patient and helpful and I can highly recommend him and his modules to anyone wanting to enhance PrestaShop.

Judging by how often he helps others in other threads, he should get paid by the PrestaShop team!

Thanks Tomer, you rock!

P.S. No, tomer, didn't pay me to write this, he really is that awesome!

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