Reduce clicks and keep shopping fun and easy by displaying a fully customizable Quick Shop popin accessible from any product list page including category, manufacturer, supplier, search page and more.

Your customers can select attributes, browse photos and add to cart directly from the popin without ever leaving the page they're viewing!

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Offer your customers a quicker way to shop and customize products without going to the product page.

Show a "Quick Shop" button when the mouse is over a product, which opens the preview.

Works on all product list pages (category, manufacturer, supplier, search, new products, etc..), including Ajax search, Layered Navigation and Ajax filter.

Works with any 3rd party module IE: viewed products, specials, homepage tabs, etc... with minimal changes to .tpl file (Instructions are included in the module configuration page).

Settings to show full descriptions, multiple images, position of quick shop button, choose the "Quick Shop" image and more.

V1.0.1 (04/28/12)
Optimized Quick View caching.
Optimized HTML code.


V1.0.2 (09/11/12)
Support for PS 1.4.9


V1.1 (10/03/12)
Support for PS 1.5

V1.1.1 (03/05/13)
Fix for product images (PS 1.5.2+)
Code optimization for PS 1.5
General code cleanup and optimization.

V1.1.2 (04/18/13)
Added support for Attribute Wizard and Attribute Grid


V1.1.3 (10/09/13)
Updated fancybox for PS 1.5.5
Fixed compatibility with Attribute Wizard and Attribute Grid modules when enabled only for certain customer groups.

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  • Free installation
  • Full lifetime support

We are happy to provide a free one-time installation and full, lifetime support with the purchase of any module (does not include customization of the module, or integration with 3rd party modules.).

Additional installations are available for a small fee after the one-time free installation is used. Fees for additional installations are:

- $25 for modules priced $0 - $99 - $50 for modules priced $100+ Module Support Upgrade Policy Refund Policy

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