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Add an Ajax product filtering option to Homepage / Category / Manufacturer / Supplier / Search / Best Sales / New Products / Specials pages.

No other filter module has the speed, accuracy and features of our Ajax Filter. Try the demos and see what we mean!

Hooks on Left, Right, or Center (new hook) column.

You can filter by Price, Stock, Supplier, Manufacturer, Category, Feature or  Attribute.

You can control  which filter options will be shown (IE Attribute group / Attribute Values, Manufacturers, etc.)

NEW: Attribute as Products feature allows you to display multiple product combinations for each product on your category pages without negatively impacting SEO.

Ability to display selected filters with a 'remove' button for each.

Ability to use a URL to pre-select fllter options - a great marketing tool to create tailored landing pages!

Theme modifications are no longer needed.

Enable Infinite Scroll for product-lists to improve load time and user experience.

You can hide or show the number of matching results, filter type (strict or relaxed), hide or disable filters with 0 matches, hide / show the filter group name, and group or separate all the filter options.

See Infinite Scroll and other features in this video:

V1.0.1 (07/17/11)
New option to include filter name under images.
Fix for separated filter groups in backoffice (rare case).
Fix for Feature index when English is not enabled.
Fix for high pagination number.
Fix for delete product hook error (private function).


V1.1 (08/31/11)
New option to display filter on the Homepage.
Enable filter only on certain pages.
Filter method added  (Strict / Relaxed).
Added French Translation.
Added upgrade notification.
Fix for add to cart when logged in (static token was missing). 
Fix for product compare (PS 1.4.4).
Fix for sliders (PS 1.2).


V1.1.1 (09/11/11)
Added German translations.
Ability to enable / disable filter types.
Fix for Ajax add to cart.
Filter selections are retained when clicking on a product and going back.
Fix for ui-slider CSS possible clash with other modules.
Updated installation instructions.


V1.1.2 (09/30/11)
Added option to use on right Hook.
Fix for category names with numbers in from for sorting (PS < 1.4)
Fix for enabling attribute / supplier filter (From the previous version).
More detailed instructions on customizing the filter to match your theme.


V1.1.3 (12/01/11)
Improved search speed by removing unused filters from index.
Improved Attribute indexing speed.
Added Spanish Translations.
Added "Very Strict" filter option (product must match all selected filters).
Fix for manufacturer and supplier empty filter name.
Fix for themes that are not using Sort-by dropdown.


V1.1.4 (02/01/12)
Added filter by stock.
Fixed a bug for "Tag" searches (filter was not active).
Fixed a bug with non-price sliders (removed currency sign).


V1.2 (09/20/13)
Support for Prestashop 1.5.x
New Front Office design
Fix for price filter when using discounts of customer group pricing.
Optimized SQL selects for increased speed
*Price increase


V1.2.1 (10/09/13)
Fix for attribute names with apostrophes
Fix for out of stock product message (PS 1.5)
Added option to sort filter groups and values alphabetically


V1.2.2 (11/05/13)
Optimized SQL select for getting MaxTax Rate
Fix for Indexing Features for speed optimization
Fix for hiding unavailable dropdown options in IE and Safari
Optimized Relaxed mode in PrestaShop 1.4 & 1.5 for increased speed and performance


V1.3 (02/06/14)
Ability to use infinite scroll instead of pagination
Ability to display of selected filters with an X to remove
Ability to use a URL to pre-select filters (Using # to indicate selected filters)
Theme changes no longer needed
*Price increase


V1.4 (05/21/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6
Fixed price filter (with specific pricing or tax)
Fixed sorting by price
Fixed disabled product indexing in multistore


V1.5 (04/17/15)
New price filter index: unprecedented speed and accuracy including discounted / taxed prices
New option to display 'Attributes as Products' on category pages
Miscellaneous improvements
*Price increase


V1.5.1 (02/23/16)
Optimized speed on Search Page
Fixed price filter issues when hide unavailable filters is used

Q) What is the difference between "Relaxed" and "Strict" search?


A: "Strict" updates the counts and disables / enables filter options based on the selection you made (similar to how amazon works).

IE if you choose "Red" in a color filter, other colors (Blue, Green etc...) that are not found on in the resulting products will be disabled, and you will not be able to display both Red and Blue products.


"Relaxed" updates the counts and disables / enables filter options for any filter group that did not have at least option selected.

IE if you choose  "Red" in a color filter, you will still be able to choose "Blue", and display Red and Blue products.


Contact us for support anytime using our Contact Us page

Front Office Demo (PrestaShop 1.6, 8,500+ products): http://demo.presto-changeo.com/ajaxfilter (Note: PrestaShop can be slow to load pages with 1000's of product with or without the filter)


Front Office Demo (PrestaShop 1.6, 'Attributes as Products' featured + many filter options): http://demo.presto-changeo.com/ajfaap/3-women

Back Office Demo (Prestashop 1.6, 'Attributes as Products' featured + many filter options + Infinite Scroll): http://demo.presto-changeo(dot)com/ajfaap/bo/a (replace '(dot)' with a '.')
Email: [email protected]


Front Office Demo connected to Back Office Demo above: http://demo.presto-changeo.com/ajfaap/bo/3-women



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