change log

USA ePay Payment module using their Server-Side API method.

* NEW embed payment page directly in the checkout page + refund / void orders directly from the orders tab in the backoffice.

You can void unsettled transactions or refund full / partial orders directly from the order page.

Receive an optional email notification when a transaction fails (to help prevent fraud).

You can choose the type of credit card you accept and their name & logo will automatically appear in the payment selection page.

V1.0.1 (12/12/11)
Added Javascript Credit Card validation.
Added upgrade notification.
Various bug fixes and code cleanup.


V1.1 (01/05/13)
Support for PS 1.5

V1.1.1 (02/09/13)
Fix for state selection.
Updated backwards compatibility.

V1.2 (04/22/13)
Added option to embed the payment page in the checkout page.

Added option to refund directly from the backoffice order page.


V1.2.1 (06/28/13)
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).


V1.3 (07/18/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.3.1 (10/02/14)
Fixed "Please Wait..." payment confirmation button text
Fixed potential refund issue with multishop
Fixed empty billing info

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