Create a complete test site based on your live store with just a few clicks, and update the test site from the module's configuration page anytime.


Website changes, upgrades and modifications should always be made in a test or development environment first before being made to the live store, and this module makes that easier than ever before for your PrestaShop site.


*Creating a test site can take several minutes, make sure your server's PHP Timeout settings can be increased if needed (actual time may differ between websites and servers).

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Create an identical copy of your live website to use for testing and development.

Update a test site you've already created anytime to easily keep files and database tables up to date.

Choose where on your server to create the test sites.

Option to create a test site from a test site

Select folders / directories to exclude when creating or updating a test site.

Easy to install and use via the simple configuration page.


Creating a test site can take several minutes, make sure the PHP Timeout settings on your site can be changed, and can be set to a high number.

V1.0.1 (02/06/14)
Optimized database import process


V1.1 (03/19/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.1.1 (06/27/14)
Improved test site update process.
Fixed database connection issues when test site is using a different database name
Decreased Database insert batch size.
Automatically set the test site to maintenance mode.
Added option to create a test site from a test site.

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