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Migrate your Zen Cart site to PrestaShop including customers (with passwords), orders, categories, products, manufacturers, reviews, currencies, and languages.


NEW: Support for PrestaShop 1.6

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change log

Save time when making the move from Zen Cart into Prestashop with a few simple clicks!

This module will import:
* Customer accounts - Addresses and old passwords.
* Orders - Order status, payment methods used, and RMAs.
* Categories - Description and Images.
* Products - Attributes, images (including BMPs), and accessories.
* Manufacturers.
* Products Reviews.
* Currencies and Languages.

Additional features
* Automatically import language packs and flags from the Prestashop site for your imported languages (if needed).
* Resume import (for servers with low timeout settings).


The module only imports default Zencart information, it does not include any modifications made (new fields, changed image path), or information from 3rd party modules

Due to differences in structure and capabilities of Zen Cart Vs. Prestashop, certain parts may not be imported exactly the same and will require manual changes.

I.E.  Attributes with discounts, text boxes and file uploads.

The module requires file_get_content() or CURL to be enabled on the Prestashop server.

Importing large stores can take several hours, make sure your hosting company allows to increase the default PHP timeout settings.

V1.0.1 (10/29/10)
Fix for tax import, and sets the correct default category for products.

V1.0.2 (11/18/10)
Added support for CURL import (instead of file_get_contents()).
Fix for shipping price on order import.
Fix for old password length.
Taxes are imported only when needed.


V1.0.3 (12/10/10)
CURL import for images which was overlooked in the last release (to prevent problems when the PHP setting allow_url_fopen = off).

V1.0.5 (03/16/11)
Support for PS 1.4
Various bug fixes for attribute import, encoding, countries + tax import.


V1.0.6 (05/01/11)
Bug fix for tax import in PS 1.4+
Bug fix for order history


V1.0.7 (08/02/11)
Bug fix for attribute import.
Bug Fix for order history import (attribute).
Added new line formatting to product description.
Various other bug fixes.


V1.1 (05/08/12)
Fixed State + Phone import (retaining all the existing PS states).
Fixed carrier import in PS 1.4
Fixed tax import in PS 1.4
Fixed errors related to ' in order status.
Added automatic upgrade notification.


V1.2 (09/24/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Fixed customer group import (Zencart 1.5)


V1.2.1 (09/26/12)
Added option to map Zencart order Status to Prestashop order status before order import.


V1.2.2 (10/15/12)
Image name fix for PS1.5.1


V1.2.3 (10/19/12)
Customer import fix for multishop.
Category import fix (under certain cases categories were not appearing in the front end) .

V1.2.4 (10/25/12)
Fixed a bug with upgrade notification, when a new version was released, the module would not find the export file

Improved support for character encoding (UTF-8 & other).

V1.2.6 (01/20/13)
Fix for imported addresses (state only added for matching countries)
Fixed default country import.
Fixed order history product reference.
Fix for order history product price when using multiple currencies.
Generating invoices for imported orders (PS 1.5)

V1.2.7 (04/18/13) 
Fix for order total import
Added User Agent to Curl zenc_export call (some server were blocking the request without it)
Fix for attribute import in PS v1.5 (order was not set)

V1.2.8 (05/28/13) 
Fix for generating invoice when importing orders (PS 1.5)
Fix for import taxes recursion
Fix for specific product price import (PS 1.5)


V1.2.9 (07/25/13) 
Fix for Order History status (was not importing properly)
Added note about deleting class_index.php for PS 1.5.3+


V1.3 (09/24/13)
Fix for order import (order_payment table was not populated)
Fix for Order Status mapping when Import in Background button is used


V1.4 (03/24/14)
Fix for order import (order_payment table was not populated)


V1.4.1 (07/22/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1

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