Hide your shop or prices from non-registered users (entire shop or selected pages). Ability to manually approve new registrations, or send a customer a verification link to activate their account.


NEW: Support for PrestaShop 1.6

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This module turns your entire shop or only certain pages private.

You can hide the shop completely, or just hide the prices.

Customers will have to login before they can view your shop or prices. When hiding shop, any page they visit will automatically redirect them to the login page.

Select where to redirect the customer after they have logged in.

You can control the color of the background, the opacity, and whether to allow for new customer registration.

You can require new account activation that lets you approve or deny new customers before they can login to your site.

You can enable email verification, where the customer would get an email with an activation link, and will only be able to login after clicking the link (which verifies their email address).

The module will work with any theme you have and with any customization you do to the login / registration pages.

V1.1 (03/20/10)
Ability to approve new customer registrations before they can login.
Ability to enable make only for certain pages “private”.
Ability to completely hide the store when in private mode (nothing will be shown even when doing “view source”).


V1.1.2 (09/28/10)
Better compatibility with 3rd party modules.

V1.1.3 (10/20/10)
Bug fix for IE where an invalid redirection was happening after logging in.


V1.1.5 (03/16/11)
Support for PS 1.4


V1.1.6 (03/31/11)
Bug fix for PS 1.4 using Smarty 2


V1.1.7 (06/24/11)
Shop owner gets email notification for new registrations (when approval is required)


V1.1.8 (01/24/12)
Better compatibility with Prestashop alt theme and new theme (for PS 1.5)
Added automatic upgrade notification.


V1.2 (03/01/12)
Ability to hide prices (PS1.4+)
Optional email verification, customer will only be able to login after clicking a link in an email sent to their mailbox (PS1.4+).
Improved selective module activation (use page name to select where the module will be active).
Ability to select where the customer will be redirected after login.
Improved PS.1.5 theme compatibility.


V1.2.1 (04/29/12)
Fix for "Call for Prices" (was not translable).
Improved formatting of registration email.
Added information in notification of new registration.


V1.2.2 (07/30/12)
Fix for mail function (was returning false even though mail was sent correctly).
Optimized automatic upgrade notification.


V1.3 (10/18/12)
Support for PS 1.5


V1.3.1 (11/8/12)
Fix for product price display in the backoffice (PS 1.5+)

V1.3.2 (01/7/13)
Improved compatibility with themes using position:absolute in the header.
Fixed a bug when translating the module and using quotes.


V1.3.3 (06/10/13)
Fixed bug to display thumbnail when prices are hidden
Replaced deprecated isLogged() function


V1.3.4 (06/19/13)
Fixed a bug with isLogged on Payment module (was always returning 0)


V1.3.5 (09/16/13)
Fix for "Reduced Price" showing when hiding prices


V1.3.6 (01/03/14)
Fixed redirect to confirmation page when using a redirecting 3rd part payment module
Fixed a rare issue where some excluded URLs were not being blocked.
Updated function that checks if a customer is logged in (PS 1.4).


V1.4 (03/17/14)
Added Support for PrestaShop 1.6
Fix for redirect to homepage after login
Fix for unrestricted URLs when using page name


V1.4.1 (05/21/14)
Updated FrontController Override (for PHP based redirect in PrestaShop 1.5+)
Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with PrestaShop 1.4
Fixed issue with login + verification links when using multishop.


V1.4.2 (09/19/14)
Fixed Attribute Grid integration with Private Shop
Fixed a notice with getVerificationURL()


V1.4.3 (11/18/14)
'Login for price' is linked to authentication page


V1.4.4 (09/30/15)
Fixed issue with "Login For Price" on product page (PS
Fixed a compatibility issue with Attribute Wizard Pro

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