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Protect your shop in case of a server crash, human error, or any other disaster. Don't waste time and money trying to recover your data; use this module and be prepared.


In use on multiple versions of PrestaShop for over 3 years on sites around the wolrd, this module has saved countless business from lost data and has helped get them back online as quickly as possible, usually in a matter of minutes.


NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6


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Have a complete backup of your shop, which can be restored in minutes, so you won't have to worry about losing any precious information.

You can save the backup files on your server, get a copy of them sent to your email, or stored on Amazon S3 Cloud server (Free up to 5GB for the first year).

You can create a backup of the entire file system or only of certain folders, compressed (if available) or uncompressed.

You can create a backup of the entire database or only of certain tables, compressed (if available) or uncompressed.

You can schedule automatic backups as frequently as you need and also create a backup manually at any point.

You can easily restore backups directly from the module.


Creating backups, locally and on Amazon S3 take time, and requires high timeout settings (based on the size of the file).
Make sure you host allows to change the default timeout settings in order for the module to run properly.

V1.0.1 (06/17/10)
Minor bug fix for partial backup.

V1.0.2 (07/15/10)
Fix for timeout issues on certain servers.

V1.0.3 (03/16/11)
Support for PS 1.4


V1.0.4 (04/28/11)
Fix for automatic file backup using crontab.


V1.1 (12/03/11)
Added option to backup onto Amazon S3 Cloud (Free up to 5GB).
Added automatic update notification.


V1.1.1 (10/01/12)
Support for PrestaShop 1.5

V1.1.2 (12/11/12)
Fixed an issue with Amazon S3 backup (related to a bug with PrestaShop class autoloader)


V1.2 (04/14/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.2.1 (06/27/14)
Ensure file backup class (Tar) is always included

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