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Manage downloadable files and product attachements quickly and easily. Upload in bulk via FTP, assign multiple files to one downloadable product and more.


New: Now compatible with PrestaShop 1.6

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Need to make many products downloadable?

Need to use multiple files for one downloadable product?

Need to use product attachments?

Need to use large files and not get timeouts when uploading?

This module lets you easily upload files (using FTP or any other method) directly to your server and assign them to your products all at once.


If you select multiple files for one product, the module will create a single zip file with all of them

Multiple downloadable files that can be individually downloaded, are available only in the Pro verision of this module.

V1.1 (05/21/10)
Ability to assign files as attachments.

V1.1.1 (08/01/10)
Minor fix for product name autocomplete (when PS is not installed in the root directory).


V1.2 (08/11/10)
Uses product ID to assign a file to a product, in case two products have the same name.

V1.2.1 (10/09/10)
Support for PS 1.3.2


V1.3 (10/27/10)
Allows to assign multiple files for one downloadable product (by automatically creating a single zip file).


V1.3.1 (03/16/11)
Support for PS 1.4


V1.3.2 (06/23/11)
Fix for product attachments (on PS 1.4)

V1.4 (10/16/12)
Support for PS 1.5


V1.5 (09/18/13)
Added "Virtual Product" display to orders page, with ability to see and change the number of downloads and expiration date.
*Price increase


V1.5.1 (01/23/14)
Fix to Insert Attachement Name in all enabled languages


V1.5.2 (03/09/14)
Increased filename size and modified instructions


V1.6 (03/20/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6

Q: What is the difference between Batch Downloadable Product and Batch Downloadable Product Pro?


Batch Downloadable Product (the module you are reading about now), unlike the Pro version, does not change the way Prestashop handles downloadable files, but instead allows you to upload files via FTP, and allows you to assign files to products quickly and easily from a single interface. It's purpose is to make basic downloadable file management easy and fast.

The Pro version has those same abilities, and adds 3 new features that currently do not exist in Prestashop. They include:

1) The ability to assign a different downloadable file per product attribute. (For example: if you offer multiple versions of the same file in different formats)

2) The ability to assign multiple downloadable files to the same product. (For example: if you have very large files, you can break them to smaller 700mb files which you customers might appreciate)

3) The ability to make a file downloadable and shippable. (For example, if you want to charge shipping rates, but also provide a downloadable file)

If you think you need one or more of these features, read about Batch Downloadable Product Pro here.

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