Simple and easy checkout is vital to ecommerce. Give your customers instant add-to-cart feedback with sliding cart animation, choose from a variety of display options and configurations and reduce clutter in your site's header or anywhere else with this popular module.

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Interactive sliding cart animation provides instant feedback for the customer and an improved shopping and checkout experience.

Whether you're using only 1 column for your site, or just want to reduce clutter on the left or right columns, the Sliding Cart is the perfect solution.

Choose from 4 different cart display options.

Uses Ajax to add to cart (Optional)

Show a thumbnail image next to each product in the cart (Optional).

Show attribute information for each product in the cart (Optional).

Show a scrollbar in the cart when there are more than X products.

V1.0.1 (8/12/12)
Added support for PS 1.3
Fixed a bug when Block User Info was not installed.


V1.1 (10/09/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Module uses a new dedicated div for better theme compatibility.
Ability to select image size for cart thumbnails.
Automatically hides existing cart in Block User Info

V1.1.1 (02/16/13)
Improved support for PS 1.5
Code optimization.

Fixed a layout issue when no products were in cart.

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