Accept payments using eWAY Australia directly on your checkout page with our embedded payment form option, plus submit voids and refunds directly from the back office Order page.


NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6


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Embed the payment form in the checkout page, or redirect to a dedicated page.

You can void unsettled transactions, or refund full or partial orders, directly from the order page.

The only thing you need for this module is an eWAY ID and an SSL certificate.

Prestashop Thread:

V1.4.1 CRITICAL UPDATE (05/10/10)
Fix for RMA (was getting refunded at the start of the process).
Tax added to refunds (only when applied to the original order).


V1.4.3 (03/16/11)
Bug fix for orders over $999 (payment error in Backoffice even though card is charged properly).
Support for PS 1.4


V1.4.4 (01/23/12)
eWay transaction # is saved as an order message.
Added Javascript validation of credit card number.
Disables the submit button after clicked (to avoid double order).
Added automatic upgrade notification.


V1.4.5 (03/04/12)
Transaction number + Authorization code saved in order message (Fix from previous version where only Authorization code was saved).

V1.5 (12/11/12)
Support for PS 1.5
Refunds are handled from the configuration page (full or partial).

V1.5.1 (02/09/13)
Fix for SSL.
Updated backwards compatibility.

V1.6 (04/19/13)
Added option to embed the payment page in the checkout page.
Added option to refund directly from the backoffice order page.


V1.6.1 (07/1/13)
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).

Fixed a problem with vouchers in different currencies (PS 1.5)


V1.6.2 (08/27/13)
Fixed display of refund amount in backoffice.


V1.7 (07/31/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6

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