Integrate with USA ePay quickly and easily to accept payments in your Prestashop store. Reduce clicks and improve the checkout experience by displaying the payment form directly in the checkout page, and submit refunds / voids directly from the Order page.


NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6

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change log

USA ePay Payment module using their Server-Side API method.

* NEW embed payment page directly in the checkout page + refund / void orders directly from the orders tab in the backoffice.

You can void unsettled transactions or refund full / partial orders directly from the order page.

Receive an optional email notification when a transaction fails (to help prevent fraud).

You can choose the type of credit card you accept and their name & logo will automatically appear in the payment selection page.

V1.0.1 (12/12/11)
Added Javascript Credit Card validation.
Added upgrade notification.
Various bug fixes and code cleanup.


V1.1 (01/05/13)
Support for PS 1.5

V1.1.1 (02/09/13)
Fix for state selection.
Updated backwards compatibility.

V1.2 (04/22/13)
Added option to embed the payment page in the checkout page.

Added option to refund directly from the backoffice order page.


V1.2.1 (06/28/13)
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).


V1.3 (07/18/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.3.1 (10/02/14)
Fixed "Please Wait..." payment confirmation button text
Fixed potential refund issue with multishop
Fixed empty billing info

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