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Total PrestaShop shipping flexibility. Charge for shipping based on your customer's Country, State and/or Zip / Postal Code (including ranges), and calculate the cost based on price or weight ranges.

Select fixed prices or a % of order total for even greater flexibility, and offer free shipping limits for each rate as well.

Works anywhere in the world, with all Zip / Post Code Formats.


Now you can import Carriers & Range settings easily using a CSV file.


NEW: Support added for PrestaShop 1.6

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Charge shipping rates by Country, State or Zip / Post Code (ranges or wildcard).

Calculate Shipping by Price or Weight ranges.

Import carriers and range settings with one click using a CSV file

Use Fixed Rates or calculate as a percentage of Order Total, with the option to set Mininum & Maximum limits when calculating by percentage.

Each rate can have a different free shipping limit.

Display shipping preview in the cart block and product pages, and select the default carrier to use from the preview.

Use an Ajax interface to add or edit rates to quickly create all your shipping options.


Zip / Post Code ranges are only available for numeric only codes.

Alphanumeric Zip / Post Codes can use wildcard match (%) instead.

V1.0.1 (01/10/12)
Compatible with our latest UPS & Fedex modules (V1.2)
Fixed a problem with certain 3rd party payment modules.
Fixed a problem with viewing customer page in the backoffice.


V1.0.2 (04/12/12)
Fix for alphanumeric zip codes.
Ability to use wildcard in zip codes (IE NS% will match any zip code starting with NS).
More detailed instructions.


V1.0.3 (05/13/12)
Fixed free shipping limit.
Fixed numeric zipcode ranges (since V1.0.2) .

V1.1 (11/11/12) 
Support for PS 1.5
Optimized module code structure.
Support for product specific added cost.
Support for PS shipping estimator.
Fixed issues with wildcard postcodes.

V1.1.1 (11/14/12)
Fix for free shipping.
Fix for address change (was not being updated in the module).
Fix for backwards compatibility.

V1.1.2 (12/02/12)
Added free shipping per product, category, supplier & manufacturer.
Fix for single zipcode rates (the same from & to range).
Fix for rate lookup for "All Countries".
Fix for range behavior in shipping preview.
Fix for extra shipping cost in cart preview.
Fix for translations in shipping preview.
Using external CSS for shipping preview.
Option to hide / display address fields in preview.

Fix for shipping preview check for logged customers (PS 1.4)
Fix for multiple shops (carriers not always created in all shops).
Fix for shipping preview mandatory zipcode alert (if hiding zipcode).
Increased price limit from 6 to 11 digits.
Fixed a bug with free shipping per product (was not respecting range limits).

V1.1.4 (01/31/13)
Fix for a potential issue when using payment modules that redirect to a 3rd party site (on call back, shipping was returning 0).
Improved backwards compatibility code.
Removed all uses of deprecated isLogged()

V1.1.5 (04/13/13)
Fixed ranges (to was including, while it should be excluding)
Added missing id_reference to carrier table queries.

V1.1.6 (05/03/13)
Updated Carrier.php override (PS 1.5)
Fix for placing an order from the Backoffice.


V1.2 (07/10/13)
New configuration page layout with added instructions.
Added optional additional carrier fee above a certain order limit.
Fixed currency conversion in shipping preview.
Updated Carrier.php to avoid "Free Shipping" for non-logged customers.


V1.2.1 (07/22/13)
Zone lookup now checks State and Country (instead of only Country)


V1.2.2 (08/28/13)
Added option for min & max rate when using % based shipping


V1.2.3 (09/02/13)
Fix for new custom hook system (PS 1.5.5+)


V1.2.4 (11/11/13)
Fix for rate priority look-up ('All Countries' is prioritized below specific countries)


V1.2.5 (12/11/13)
Fix for deprecated function Hook::get()
Updated override Carrier for PrestaShop v.1.5


V1.2.6 (01/03/14)
Fixed issue in quote request when weight has 3 decimals points
Fixed a bug where a disabled carrier (-1 rate) would still show up if additional cost was applied


V1.2.7 (01/22/14)
Fixed a problem with shipping cost showing as 0 in the orders page when using payment modules that redirect to a 3rd party site.


V1.3 (03/31/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6

Added option to import carriers and range settings from CSV file
Fixed grams to kilo grams conversion

Fixed for free shipping limit with multiple currencies (currency conversion was not taken into account)


V1.3.1 (06/19/14)
Price range is now excluding tax.
Ability to add rates for new ranges (for existing carriers)
Shipping preview optimization (to avoid scrollbars).
Changed wildcard postcode matching priority (longer postcode wildcard will match first).
Fixed config page layout issues in Firefox.


V1.3.2 (08/20/14)
Fix for configuration page layout (Firefox browser only)
Fix for shipping preview fields formatting (certain themes only)
Fix relating to zip codes when 'Required' is not selected in configuration page


V1.3.3 (12/11/14)
Fixed issues with CSV import (empty state or country and an update of deleted carriers)
Fixed an issue with backwards compatibility (PrestaShop 1.4)
Added customer group validation to shipping preview


V1.3.4 (01/08/15)
Added shipping preview customer group validation
Sorting in shipping preview by the PS settings
Shipping preview displays state only when needed
Fixed small glitched when closing the shipping preview


V1.3.5 (04/30/15)
Fixed issues with shipping preview (in some cases it would be hidden and retain old state values)
Fix for adding new carrier price validation (parseFloat instead of parseInt)


V1.3.6 (07/26/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1


V1.3.7 (11/29/17)
Compatible with Thirty Bees.
Fix for currency conversion.
Fix for issues with disabled languages.
Fix for negative additional cost.

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Back End Demo (PrestaShop 1.6):

http://demo.presto-changeo(dot)com/localizedshipping/a (Replace (dot) with .)

Login: [email protected]  / Pass: 12demo34

Connected to Front End:

http://demo.presto-changeo(dot)com/localizedshipping/ (Replace (dot) with .)



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