Use a popup to collect newsletter subscribers
   Order + Contact information sent to Klaviyo to allow for advanced email segmenting and Win-Back emails
   Cart information sent to Klaviyo to allow for cart abandonment emails
   Active on Site tracking allows you to track activity and email any person who is cookied, even if they are not logged
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Klaviyo Integration by PoCo offers a simple yet deep integration of your website with Klaviyo.

Connect your shop to Klaviyo with one simple click

Customize the popup window to sign up new subscribers who visit your website, including the ability to collect their name and birthday (for personalized emails, and birthday emails).

Sync all your existing contacts with Klaviyo.

Sync existing order information with Klaviyo, to allow for advanced email segmenting, and using Win Back emails (reminding customers who haven't purchased anything to come back, with the option to offer them a discount).

Sync abandoned cart information with Klaviyo, to allow you to automate abandoned email campaigns.

Active on Site tracking allows you to trigger emails to any cookied visitors.

With Klaviyo, easily plan out the buyer's journey from beginning to end to design your ideal customer experience

Klaviyo's data science & artificial intelligence technology helps to:

Predict a customer's next purchase date

Determine the total amount of future spending

See the number of upcoming purchases

Determine the probability of customer churn

Calculate customer lifetime value

See average time between orders

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