Dear past and future customers
As of 2/14/2022 we have reduced all our modules to 50% off, as we will no longer offer free support for modules.
There will also not be any future development of any PrestaShop modules.
You are welcome to purchase modules "As Is", and if you need help with installing or using the modules, we offer our paid support services.
Thank you for your past support, we hope to serve you in the future on the Wix platform.


It has been a pleasure developing and supporting the PrestaShop Community in the past 13 years.
After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue our modules for the PrestaShop platform. While we have always been strong proponents of the platform, and avid contributors to the PrestaShop community, we feel that the PrestaShop platform and its module model are not sustainable, and are becoming obsolete. Between the constant PrestaShop upgrades and core changes, to the lacking APIs that would avoid the need for constant module upgrades, as well as module piracy, we no longer see this as a viable business.
We still believe that when it comes to an open source platforms that require specific customization, PrestaShop is the best option to use (we used it to develop our new Wix apps website). However, when it comes to app development, or ease of use, we believe the future is with SaaS platforms such as Wix, and starting in Q1 of 2021, we have started transitioning to the Wix platform. We recently updated our website to reflect the transition and new focus, and we look forward to continuing to serve the Wix community in the future.

Who we are:

Presto-Changeo develops unique and high-performance PrestaShop modules that boost productivity, add features and improve ecommerce shops around the world. Along with our full-service PrestaShop design and development agency EIP Concepts CA, Inc., we are seasoned experts in all things PrestaShop, based in New York City and Los Angeles and delivering solutions worldwide.

What we do:

We have been working with PrestaShop since the start of 2009, developing modules, creating custom websites, and supporting the PrestaShop community in the forums where Tomer (tomerg3), our founder and lead developer, is a moderator. He also provided technical review for “PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner’s Guide” by Packt Publishing.

Our modules help create a better customer experience for our clients and improve their productivity and sales. Attribute Wizard Pro, a best seller and customer favorite, was nominated for best module award at PrestaShop’s Barcamp 3. Other module categories include solutions for shipping, payment processing, filtering, marketing, data importing and exporting and more.

Our development and design team working under the EIP Concepts, Inc. name is highly experienced in creating customized solutions for our client's PrestaShop ecommerce needs. We have developed unique B2B sites, highly targeted hyper-local shops, and everything in between.

We are trying to build a company we’d like to do business with ourselves. We aim to amaze you through our support and outstanding user experiences in addition to the quality of our work.

Thanks for stopping by!