Fixing Email Problems

This page was written in English, please see the English version for the correct code changes.

There are a few reasons why Prestashop cannot send emails from your server, the most common ones are:

  • "From" field doesn't match your domain.
  • Incompatible additional headers.

Below are solutions to both:

In /tools/swift/Swift/Message.php line #79



$this->setFrom("[email protected]");

In /tools/swift/Swift.php after line 370
if (!($has_reply_to = $message->getReplyTo())) $message->setReplyTo($from);

Add the following code:

if (!$has_reply_to[0])

Now try sending a contact message....

If it still doesn’t work, make the following change:

In /tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php line # 159

$params = "";