General Modules

Various Prestashop Modules to improve and enhance your shop. You can find essential modules that everyone should have (Backup, and Duplicate URL redirect), as well as shop specific modules such as Private Shop, and Serial Number Upload.

Product Stickers (1.2)

Product Stickers
Add stickers (images) to your product page easily, including support for multiple images, 'additional' images, start and end dates for images, drag-and-drop placement, and more.
$37.50 PS 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x

TaxCloud (2.0.3)

Sales tax rates can vary within a state and even within a city or county. As ecommerce grows in the US, the tax regulations continue to change and new laws c...
$50.00 PS 1.7.x

Batch Downloadable Product Pro (2.0.0)

Batch Downloadable Product Pro
Upload files to your server using FTP & assign downloadable files to products by attribute (each combination can have a difference file) or multiple files p...
$80.00 PS 1.7.x