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Accept credit cards using PayPal Payments Pro Direct Payment, the fully branded and customizable payment processing service from PayPal. With no redirects or PayPal branding, you can display the payment form directly in your checkout page to make ordering easy. Plus, save time by issuing refunds / voids directly from the back office Order page. One of our most popular modules!

Support for both PayPal Payments Pro Direct Payment as well as PayPal Payments Pro Hosted Solution is included. Learn more about PayPal Payments Pro, here.


NEW: Support for PrestaShop 1.6


No SSL? No Problem. Try PayPal Advanced.


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change log

Accept Credit card payments using Paypal directly on your site.

NEW Fluid responsive design and coding ensure the payment form fits any screen size.

Accept standard PayPal payments in addition to credit and debit cards.

NEW: Embed payment form directly in the checkout page + refund / void orders directly from the orders tab in the backoffice.

NEW: Option to receive an email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).

Choose between Authorization and Capture, or Authorization only and Capture later (when you are ready to ship).

You can later capture any amount directly from the configuration page.

You can refund full / partial orders directly from the configuration page.

Full support for 3D secure.

Full support for PayPal Pro Direct Payment and PayPal Pro Hosted Solution

You can choose the type of credit card you accept and their name & logo will automatically appear in the payment selection page.


This module requires a PayPal Payment Pro account, and is only available in selected countries, for more info and registration visit THIS LINK.

V1.0.1 (04/06/12)dded French Translations.
Currency fix (when USD not default currency).
Fix for PS 1.2.5


V1.0.2 (09/18/12)
Fixed bug with multiple currencies not being selectable.

V1.1 (10/31/12)
Added support for PS1.5
Added support for 3D secure (UK).

V1.1.1 (02/09/13)
Fix for state selection.

V1.1.2 (03/05/13)
Fix for shipping / billing address (were being switched).
Removed incorrect backoffice warning if default currency was not USD.

V1.1.3 (05/02/13)
Fix for 3D secure (from previous version).
Fix for using Maestro with 3D secure.
Fix for order total on payment page (was occasionally being overridden by other modules / themes).


V1.2 (05/30/13)
Added option to embed payment form directly in checkout page
Added option to refund / void orders directly from admin Order page
Added option to show / hide left column when displaying payment form in new page
Added option for 3D Secure SandBox Mode


V1.2.1 (07/8/13)
Added option to get email notification of failed transactions (to help detect fraud).


V1.3 (11/11/13)
Added support for PayPal Pro Hosted Solution
Fixed a bug with state / country selection


V1.4 (05/10/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6


V1.4.1 (09/30/14)
Fixed "Please Wait..." payment confirmation button text
Fixed potential refund issue with multishop


V1.4.2 (11/26/14)
Added instructions for hosted solution with PayPal account (redirect back to site)


V1.4.3 (08/21/15)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6.1 and new EU Law module


V1.4.4 (11/29/17)
Added support for mobile friendly payment form (Hosted payments)

Force CURL to use TLS1.2
Updated new MC card validation.

V1.4.5 (1/9/18)
Fix for mobile friendly & desktop in hosted version.
Fix for module upgrade notice.

V1.4.6 (6/16/19)
Fix for Hosted mode

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