Don't break your live site! Create a complete test site based on your live store with just a few clicks, and safely test any upgrades, changes or new modules.


Website changes, upgrades and modifications should always be made in a test or development environment first before being made to the live store, and this module makes that easier than ever before for your PrestaShop site.


*Creating a test site can take several minutes, make sure your server's PHP Timeout settings can be increased if needed (actual time may differ between websites and servers), and that you have at least 512MB RAM (Memory)

See below for additional destails, demo links, reviews and more.

Create an identical copy of your live website to use for testing and development.

Update a test site you've already created anytime to easily keep files and database tables up to date.

Choose where on your server to create the test sites.

Option to create a test site from a test site

Select folders / directories to exclude when creating or updating a test site.

Easy to install and use via the simple configuration page.


Creating a test site can take several minutes, make sure the PHP Timeout settings on your site can be changed, and can be set to a high number, and that you have at least 512MB RAM (Memory)

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