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Display products options as a grid  when 1, 2, 3  or 4 attribute groups are used so that users can quickly compare options, prices and availability, and add multiple product combinations to their cart with 1 click.

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An excellent module for a wholesale store or any other store that offers products with a few interchangeable attribute options. It will display products with 1, 2, 3 or 4 attribute groups as a grid. 

It lets the customers quickly add multiple product combinations to their cart with 1 click, and see all the prices.

Radio buttons can be used for fast attribute selection without needing to enter a quantity.

You can control the order of attribute groups (horizontal or vertical) and the order of the attribute items within each group.

You can display a color or texture (image) next to each attribute item.

You can display the grid on the page or in a popup.

You can add an additional attribute group, which will use a drop down menu.

It lets you copy attributes from one product to another, or to a category (to all the products in it).

V2.1.1 (04/02/21)
Fix for price reduction display
Fix for price display (decimal point) in PS 1.7.7
Fix for 4 attribute groups display
Fix for long horizontal row display

V2.1.0 (01/25/21)
Added support for 4 attribute groups
Added ability to mass edit a product that was added to the cart
Fixed calculation for taxes and reductions
Fixes for PS 1.7.7 price display

V2.0.3 (12/21/19)
Fix for currency format (PS 1.7.6+)
Updated config page to load Presto-Changeo logo via https

V2.0.2 (09/25/19)

Fix for price calculation with specific price is a fixed amount
Sort Attribute Groups and Values alphabetically on module install
Fixed CSS issue in backend (PS 1.7.5+)
Various small fixes.

V2.0.1 (11/27/17)

Currency format fix
Customer group tax fix
Cart discount fix
Updated instructions for custom hook

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