Any business that uses PrestaShop and needs to collect credit card information first and process the transactions later needs a safe, secure way of doing so. Our module is PCI compliant to give you the tools you need and your customers peace of mind.

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Collect Credit Card information for offline processing.

Embed the payment form directly in the checkout page, plus display and delete credit card info directly in the admin Order page..

The credit card information is encrypted in the database in compliance with PCI DSS rules.

You have the option to collect CVV (*Make sure the laws in your country permit storing CVV info.)

Look up the order information directly from the configuration page of the module.

Download a CSV file with all the order information for a given order ID range.

Delete the stored credit card information for a given order ID range.

V2.0.2 (10/18/20)
Fix for layout in order page (PS 1.7.7)

V2.0.1 (09/25/19)
Fix for month validation
Fixed CSS issue in backend (PS 1.7.5+)

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