Use Google or Bing Translate to create complete translations of your PrestaShop 1.7 site in over 50 languages quickly and easily.

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This module creates and updates the PrestaShop language files, resulting in fast page loads and consistant translations that you can edit anytime. It does not translate your site for each user "on the fly."

Automatically translate your website in to more than 50 languages with a few clicks!

Choose to translate using Google Translate V2 (paid) or using Bing Translate (free).

You can edit each language and correct mistakes, and you can have different content for each language.

You can decide what to translate and what to leave in the original language.

Boost your SEO; you will have a new URL for each page, which can get indexed and match more keywords..

You can see the pages we have indexed by searching Google for "SITE:PRESTO-CHANGEO.COM".

These automatic translations are the easiest way to make your site accessible to users in countries around the world.

Translates the Front End, Modules, Home Text, and Database (Products, Categories, Attributes, Features, etc...)

This Module was used to translate this site into 15 languages.

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The module requires the common PHP extension "CURL"

The operation of the module depends on Google or Bing  translate being available and working.

Translation can take a long time, depending on the size of the site / section you are translating, if your PHP timeout settings are too low, you may have to restart the translation process, until it is done.

Module and front end translation will only apply for text that is using the Prestashop translation function, and can be manually translated from the backoffice translation page.

V2.0.1 (4/10/18)
Removed deprecated mysql_ping() call

    Q) What is the difference between this module, and other translation modules that work "On the fly"


    A) When you translate "On the fly", you are missing the following features:

    1) Search engines will not be able to index the site in multiple languages, and you will not have keywords in other languages match search results.

    2) You cannot edit translations, since they are not saved anywhere.

    3) It may cause issues on checkout pages / confirmation.

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