Add stickers (images) to any product on any page including the product page, category page, manufacturer page and more. Module includes the ability to add multiple images, 'additional' images that display below the product image, start & end dates for stickers, drag-and-drop placement, and more.


Choose whether to display stickers on the product page, category page or both, and display different sticker in differen locations on each!


Perfect for 'New!' or 'Sale!' icons, awards or press mentions, or even to show color or other attribute options directly on your product image.


NEW: Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6

See below for additional destails, demo links, reviews and more.
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Display one or more stickers (images) on and/or below your product page's main image and on any product-list page (catgory, manufacturer, supplier, new products, etc.).

NEW: Position stickers independently on product pages and product-list pages, and display different stickers and/or the same stickers in different positions on each.

Easy drag-and-drop positioning allows you to place each sticker exactly where you want it in real-time... no saving necessary!

Assign each sticker to specific products, or to all products in a category.

Define the max number of stickers to display on the product image, and display additional images directly below the product image, or in a popup; use either a text link or image link to activate the popup.

Additional images are perfect for displaying additional product information, attributes details, or even to show thumbnails of the components that come with a product.

Set the default vertical & horizontal position as well as order for each sticker, and edit these settings per product anytime.

Specify Start & End Dates to display stickers for a limited time. Perfect for limited-time offers or sales.

Set the exact space that each sticker will take up (in pixels) regardless of the size of the image files you upload

View, edit and remove stickers globally or per product anytime.

V1.1 (06/19/14)
Added support for PrestaShop 1.6
Added ability to display stickers on Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, New Products and Top Sellers pages plus any page a product appears in a .tpl file
Added option to select which image type stickers are displayed on


V1.2 (07/21/16)
Optimized product loading
Updated to work on all pages

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Front-end Demo on PrestaShop 1.6 
Product Page: (includes "additional stickers popup" triggered by 'Colors' icon beneath main image)
Category Page:

Back-end demo connected to above front-end demos:
http://demo.presto-changeo(DOT)com/stickers/a (replace "(DOT)" with a ".")
User: [email protected]
Pass: de1234mo



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