For B2B companies or any PretaShop 1.7.x site that doesn't require payment up front, skipping the credit card form and generating a Purchase Order upon checkout is a great way to keep customers happy and business flowing.

See below for additional destails, demo links, reviews and more.

Store the customer's Purchase Order number as an order message for easy reference. 

Purchase Order number displayed on PDF invoice.

Allows for a different order status for each customer group you have in the shop.

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You'll get also:

  • Free installation
  • Full lifetime support

We are happy to provide a free one-time installation and full, lifetime support with the purchase of any module (does not include customization of the module, or integration with 3rd party modules.).

Additional installations are available for a small fee after the one-time free installation is used. Fees for additional installations are:

- $25 for modules priced $0 - $99 - $50 for modules priced $100+ Module Support Upgrade Policy Refund Policy

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