Enjoy complete shipping flexibility in any PrestaShop 1.7 store, anywhere in the world. Easily set shipping costs based on your customer's Country, State and/or Zip Code / Postal Code (including postal code ranges), and calculate the final shipping cost based on price or weight ranges.

  • Set fixed shipping prices or set prices as a percentage of order total for even greater flexibility.
  • Offer free shipping with any minimum order total you choose, and configure free shipping for each shipping service and location that you offer.
  • Works worldwide, with support for all Zip Code & Postal Code Formats.
  • Import Carriers & Range settings easily using a CSV file.
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Charge shipping rates by Country, State or Zip Code / Postal Code.

Set rates by Postal Code range, or use a wildcard to set rates for all Zip or Postal codes that contain the same characters. 

Calculate Shipping using Price or Weight ranges.

Import carriers and range settings with one click using a CSV file.

Use Fixed Rates or calculate shipping based on a percentage of Order Total, with the option to set Minimum & Maximum limits when calculating by percentage.

Each rate can have a different free shipping limit.

Display shipping preview in the cart block and product pages, and select the default carrier to use from the preview.

Use an Ajax interface to add or edit rates to quickly create all your shipping options.


Zip / Postal Code ranges are only available for numeric only codes.

Alphanumeric Zip / Post Codes can use wildcard match (%) instead.

V2.0.2 (03/30/21)
Added ability to import excel file
Added full import errors report

V2.0.1 (09/02/20)
Fix for weight range selection
Various fixes

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