Migrate your Magento store to PrestaShop 1.7 with a few easy clicks. Easily migrate customers (with passwords), orders, products, categories, manufacturers, product reviews, currencies and languages.


Upgrade to PrestaShop with this automated tool and save time to get online fast. Works with all versions of Magento.

See below for additional destails, demo links, reviews and more.

Use this module to import:
* Customer accounts - Addresses and passwords.
* Orders - status, payment methods used, and RMAs.
* Categories - Descriptions and Images.
* Products - Attributes, images (including BMPs), and accessories.
* Manufacturers.
* Products Reviews.
* Currencies and Languages.

Additional features
* Automatically import language packs and flags from the PrestaShop site for your imported Magento languages (if needed).
* Resume import (for servers with low timeout settings).

Compatible with All version of Magento.

Note: Only PrestaShop-compatible product attribute combinations (ie. fewer than 1000-2000 total combinations) will be imported.


The module requires file_get_content() or CURL to be enabled on the PrestaShop server. This is a common extension found on almost all servers.

The module only imports default Magento information, it does not include any modifications made (new fields, changed image path), or information from 3rd party modules

Import of large stored can take several hours, make sure your host allows to increase the default PHP timeout settings.

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