Free Modules

Free Prestashop modules. Valuable modules to fix, enhance and customize your shop. Most of these modules were developed for our own shop, others have been frequently asked for in the Prestashop forum, or have simply been deemed invaluable for any Prestashop site, so we developed them to share with you here!

PayPal Express (2.0.0)

PayPal Express
PayPal Express including refunds directly from the back office Order page, Authorize first & Capture later and option to embed the PayPal Checkout button directly from the checkout page.

Custom Livezilla (1.0.1)

Custom Livezilla
A customizable livezilla block, which allows you to use your own online/offline images or hide the block (but keep tracking users).
Download Now PS 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4.x

Order IP Log (1.3.1)

Order IP Log
Keep track of the IP address your customers had when placing an order.