Presto-Changeo was founded in New York City back in 2009, as a small boutique ecommerce agency that develops unique and high-performance modules & apps that boost productivity, add features and improve ecommerce shops around the world. Along with our full-service design and development agency EIP Concepts CA, Inc., we are seasoned experts in all things ecommerce. Currently headquartered in California and delivering solutions worldwide.

What we do

We started our way with the PrestaShop platform, developing modules, creating custom websites, and supporting the PrestaShop community in the forums where Tomer (tomerg3), our founder and lead developer, is a moderator. He also provided technical review for “PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner’s Guide” by Packt Publishing.

After nearly 12 years developing for the PrestaShop platform, we have decided to transition away from open source into SaaS (Software as a Service) with the Wix platform, which allows us to simplify the use, installation, and updates of our apps, as well as deliver tools to streamline your Wix site, connect it with 3rd party services, and enhance its functionality with proven methods that increase sales

Our development and design team working under the EIP Concepts CA, Inc. name is highly experienced in creating customized solutions for our client's ecommerce needs. We have developed unique B2B sites, highly targeted hyper-local shops, and everything in between.

We are trying to build a company we’d like to do business with ourselves. We aim to amaze you through our support and outstanding user experiences in addition to the quality of our work.

Highest quality apps & US based customer service set us apart!

13 Wix Apps & Counting

We're constantly working on improving our existing apps based on user feedback, and expanding our app library.

Outstanding Customer Service

Making sure you know how to use our apps, creating examples on your site and instructional videos.

5 Star Reviews

We gather only real reviews from verified customers, offering you an accurate preview of what to expect from us.

Meet our team

Tomer Grassiani

Tomer Grassiani

Founder, Tomer's background was in Machine Translation / AI with 10 years at Meaningful Machines, before transitioning to E-commerce and starting PoCo. He's an avid rock climber and a pool shark.
Suren Mikaelyan

Suren Mikaelyan

Head of Development, Suren studied physics for 6 years but found his passion in web development. PoCo can’t “get rid of him” for more than 8 years. He enjoys hiking but sometimes can’t find the road back.
Vahe Babayan

Vahe Babayan

Senior Developer, Vahe thought he would be a microchip engineer, but soon he fell in love with web development. He started to work for PoCo ages ago and thinks it's only the beginning. Vahe’s biggest dream is to learn to play a piano but he’s just too lazy for that.
Asya Vardanyan

Asya Vardanyan

Junior Developer, Asya recently got her degree in computer science and now building her career at PoCo. She has a lot of fun with drawing and addicted to movies.


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We stand by all our apps as well as our customer support, and we're committed to making sure that each of our apps work correctly for every customer. If for any reason you are unhappy with an app, if you misunderstood what it does, or simply have a case of buyer's remorse, contact us and we'll gladly issue a refund.