Wix Variant Grid

Simplify Large Purchases With a One-Click Bulk Add-to-Cart

Streamline your wholesale/retail purchases with Variant Grid

Customizable Display Settings

Choose grid location, display style, orientation, and translation of all buttons.

One-Click Bulk Add to Cart

Ideal for wholesale and retail selling products with 1, 2 or 3 variant groups.

Display Variant Details

View all available product variants with price, discounted price and available quantities.

About the app

Perfect for wholesale or retail using multi-variant products. Its one-click bulk add-to-cart feature simplifies large purchases. Customize your display to show product variants clearly. Set grid location, variant group and value displays, and orientation to suit your store's style.

The Grid supports products with up to three variant groups. Apply the grid across all products or target specific ones, offering flexibility in managing diverse inventory. This is especially beneficial for stores with a broad product range, allowing for a tailored approach to each product's presentation.

Additionally, the app caters to a global audience. All front-end text can be translated into various languages, making your store universally accessible and enhancing the customer experience for a wider audience.

::break::By enabling customers to easily select multiple product options, our app encourages larger cart sizes, proving essential for boosting sales and customer satisfaction. It's a powerful tool for modern, diverse, and global e-commerce environments.

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