Mailchimp Email Marketing

Boost sales and increase your conversion rates

Mailchimp's all-in-one marketing helps you increase your sales from new visitors and existing customers.

1-click install

Connect your Wix website to Mailchimp with one simple click.

Improve conversions

Email customers who abandon their cart (The average rate is a staggering 70%)

Automate Your Emails

Schedule Welcome emails for new subscribers, as well as Win-back & Birthday and more

About the app

Connect your Wix shop to Mailchimp with one simple click from the app!

Customize the popup window to sign up new subscribers who visit your website, including the ability to collect their name and birthday (for personalized emails, and birthday emails).

Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform makes it easy to build and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns that drive sales.

* Mailchimp is a 3rd party service that requires a subscription (Free plan available)

::break::Use any of the embedded Wix forms to automatically collect newsletter subscribers from any page on your website, and connect them to your default Mailchimp List, or to specific Lists.

Sync all your existing contacts with Mailchimp, including custom fields (Basic Plan)

Sync existing order information with Mailchimp, to allow for advanced email segmenting, and using Win Back emails to remind customers who haven't purchased anything to come back, with the option to offer them a discount (Advanced Plan)

Sync abandoned cart information with Mailchimp, to allow you to automate abandoned email campaigns. (Advanced Plan)

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Frequently asked questions.

Why don't I see the popup?
The app sets a cookie whenever the popup is shown, and as long as the cookie is set, the popup will NOT show. To test the popup, open a new incognito (Private) mode browser and visit your website
Can I used an embedded form?
Yes, you can use any of the Wix embedded Contact forms in the website editor. Our app will automatically send those contacts to Mailchimp
Do I have to use your popup?
No, you can create a popup in Wix, and use a Contact form. As long as the form creates a new Wix Contact, our app will send the information to Mailchimp

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  • Collect 100 newsletter subscribers
  • Send Mailchimp information on 40 orders
  • Send Mailchimp information on 40 carts
  • Use Popup & Embedded form signups
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  • Collect unlimited contacts
  • Sync existing contacts
  • Send Mailchimp information on 40 orders
  • Send Mailchimp information on 40 carts
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  • Collect unlimited contacts, orders & carts
  • Sync existing contacts
  • Sync existing orders and products
  • Send abandoned cart information
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