Wix Available Inventory Display

Displays Current Product Quantity + FOMO Stock

Take advantage of FOMO and increase impulse purchases

Fear Of Missing Out

Harness the power of "FOMO" and increase conversions

Sense Of Urgency

Display lower inventory levels to create a sense of urgency with visitors

Display flexibility

Customizable inventory display showing in product pages, collection pages, and product carousels

About the app

Fear Of Missing Out is the hottest sales tactic, with over 60% of users saying they made an impulse purchase after experiencing FOMO

Displaying the stock levels of products can effectively trigger FOMO. Depleting stocks can also drive sales, as the thought of someone else ordering that one last piece can be unsettling for many

Available Inventory Display lets you show visitors how many items are left in stock for each product.

The inventory display can be completely customized, and will show in the product page, in collection pages, and in any page that contains a product carousel.
::break::Want to increase the FOMO among visitors even more?

Use the "FOMO Inventory" feature which allows you to set a Maximum & Minimum inventory limit for products, making sure the inventory display will always be within those limits, and create a sense of urgency among visitors with always low inventory levels that still change in real time.

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  • Display current inventory levels
  • Customize inventory display
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FOMO Inventory

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  • Display a lower inventory level
  • Create a sense of urgency to purchase
  • Maximize FOMO among visitors
  • Drive up sales & increase conversions
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